Bill Would Update State Law & Allow Deer Hunting On Private Property On Sundays

Asm. Burzichelli Bill Would Update State Law & Allow Deer Hunting On Private Property On Sundays

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

TRENTON, NJ –-( (3rd LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) — Assemblyman John Burzichelli on Thursday announced he's introduced legislation to change antiquated state law and allow deer hunting with a firearm on private property on Sundays.

State law generally bans hunting on a Sunday, but Burzichelli's bill (A4071) would authorize deer hunting with a firearm on Sundays on private property during any firearm season for deer prescribed by the State Fish and Game Code.

“The ban on Sunday hunting is relic from the past, and I think this is a reasonable change to allow people to enjoy their private property,” said Burzichelli (D-Gloucester / Salem / Cumberland).

“Allowing deer hunting on Sundays only on private property is appropriate, especially since we'll still require people to possess the required valid licenses and abide by all provisions of state law.”

Under the bill, anyone hunting on private property on a Sunday would have to have a valid firearm hunting license, or a valid “All Around Sportsman License” if applicable, and abide by all applicable provisions of the State Fish and Game Code.

The bill has been referred to the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee for consideration.


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