Guess Who is Blocking Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin

Guess Who is Blocking Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-( We have it on good authority from our sources inside the capital that deals are being brokered to sell out your gun rights.

Politicians you may have thought were your friends are scheming to harpoon Constitutional Concealed Carry, and who is behind the latest sneak attack will surprise you.

You see they are trying to kill Constitutional Carry because they are afraid of more protests (they say).

That’s right. Republican leadership is willing to sell out your liberty because they do not want the big government liberals to be angry.

It’s gotten so bad from what we are being told that everyone in leadership wants to sit on their hands and do as little as possible … they simply want to look toward their own reelection rather than do what WE elected them to do.

I hope that makes you as angry as it does me.

And the truth is, the group these RINOS need to be fearful of at the voting booth are gun owners who are being betrayed by them right now as they fail to fight for Constitutional Concealed Carry.

Together, we elected these republicans and, now when it’s time to do the job we elected them to do, they turn tail and run.

They are selling out our liberty and brokering back room deals.

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Our message needs to be simply this: we elected you and we will fire you if you do not stand up for liberty as you promised you would.

So who are those in leadership we have been told are scheming to kill Constitutional Carry?

Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald.

You read that right: Governor Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald are, according to a VERY reliable source, trying to sell out your rights because they want to appease big government liberals so that you have to beg for permission from government to carry your firearm.

Politicians love to turn your rights into privileges that they can control (and turn into a new gun tax for fresh revenue).

Our inside source is telling us that Jeff Fitzgerald is going to see to it that a Constitutional Carry bill will never make it out of any committee in the Assembly.

Fitzgerald thinks he can just toss your rights aside and you will not pay enough attention to even notice.

Our insider is also telling us that Scott Walker is working to kill Constitutional Carry in the senate … BY USING GUN CONTROL AGAINST US.

If this information is accurate, and we believe it is very credible, Gov. Scott Walker wants to attach the most outrageous big government anti-gun piece of legislation – the micro-stamping ammo bill – to the Constitutional Carry bill in the senate so that it will die there … so gun owners won’t be able to support Constitutional Carry without supporting the micro-stamping bill.

If true, this is pure evil.

This insane micro-stamping bill would require every gun to stamp every cartridge that is ejected so that big government can track every piece of ammo that you ever shoot.

That does not sound too Constitutional to me.

Are Jeff Fitzgerald and Scott Walker selling out your rights to anti-gun big government liberals?

Do Jeff Fitzgerald and Scott Walker think that you will just go home if they can kill our Constitutional Carry bill?

We have news for them, pass the Constitutional Carry bill or we will fire you in 2012.

Hopefully Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald will prove us wrong on this and stand up for the rights and liberty of all the citizens of Wisconsin but we can not leave that to chance.

ACTION: We need you to call Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald right now and tell them what you think of them trying you sell out your rights.

Demand that they bring Constitutional Carry to a vote in the assembly right now with no big government anti-gun garbage attached.

Tell Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald that Wisconsin Gun Owners has informed you of how they are trying to destroy Constitutional Carry, and that they will lose your support in the next election if they trample your gun rights.

We can not take this lying down. We can not let republican leadership destroy our right to Constitutional Carry.

There is so much misinformation being spewed forth from the institutional gun lobby it is hard to even begin interpreting all of it.

But this much is clear: The permit-to-carry bill (SB90) is not being proposed as an OPTION for reciprocity.

If passed, it will kill Constitutional Carry (and then state politicians will expect you to go away and leave them alone).

Now is the time to pass Constitutional Carry, SB93, if ever there was a time. We must stop Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald from ruining this chance.

Please call and email them both right now before it is to late.

Assembly Speaker Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald (R-39)
[email protected]

Governor Scott Walker (R)
[email protected]

In Liberty;

Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. Sources deep inside the capital say Scott Walker and Jeff Fitzgerald are trying to block Constitutional Carry by using an anti-gun microstamping bill as leverage against us. Call and email them right now and tell them to introduce Constitutional Carry in the assembly and bring it to a vote. Call Scott Walker & Jeff Fitzgerald right now and ask them whose side they are on.

WGO works for grassroots gun owners, not politicians. While many gun lobbies fight for “reasonable gun control,” WGO sets a higher standard: Defining the terrain of pro-gun political battle. Sure, many groups claim they’re “pro-gun” – all the while they provide cover for anti-gun deals cut by politicians – but only WGO truly informs gun owners, remaining committed to a 100% pro-gun position. We oppose all gun control – regardless of the political party – and work tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment. Visit

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Sorry this makes no sense at all yes walker and fitz are scheming to kill our rights however as we have seen with voter ID and the union bill that they dont care about liberal response. This is just walker and fitz creating a bureaucratic agency so they can appoint people to it in trade for favors and campaign contributions and tax the middle class some more. The only solution is concealed carry for everyone who can pass the background check to purchase a hand gun. No more government taxation for our rights