Magnalight Releases Insanely Powerful LED Spotlight Releases Powerful LED Spotlight Capable of Operating with Either AC or DC Electrical Current

Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90 Watt LED Spotlight
Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90 Watt LED Spotlight

Kemp, TX –-( Larson Electronics’ has announced the addition of a new high power LED spotlight to its series of LED lights designed for heavy duty and professional applications.

The Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90 Watt LED Spotlight produces a 8,100 lumen light beam capable of reaching 2400 feet in length and provides users with the ability to use either 120 volt AC power or 12 volt DC current.

An included weatherproof inline transformer that can be run from 90-295VAC gives this spotlight the ability to operate with common 120 Volt AC power as well as 9-50VDC current and provides operators the versatile ability to mount and operate this LED spotlight anywhere AC or DC power is available.

Incorporating nine 10 watt Seoul Z-Power LED emitters, the Magnalight PML-90LED-DP-120 90 Watt LED Spotlight produces 8,100 lumens and a light beam approximately 2,400 feet long and 140 feet in width. This powerful addition to Magnalight’s line of LED spotlights is IP68 rated waterproof and is designed for mounting to vehicles, buildings or any flat surface using a 4 inch square mounting plate assembly that includes tensioned hinges to allow users to position the lamp once permanently mounted.

A solid polycarbonate handle assembly incorporated into the adjustable mounting bracket provides easy adjustment of the light that stays in place once set, without the need to remove or set any pins or lock down any thumb screws. Users can simply adjust the light direction as needed and the unit will hold that position until the user changes it.

Magnalight has included with this unit an IP67 rated DCP-11-DP waterproof power converter and run it in-line with this LED spotlight’s power cord to produce a high power LED spotlight that can be run on typical 120VAC household current as well the low voltage DC power more common with vehicles and boats.

The inclusion of this converter makes this spotlight fully AC or DC current capable and gives users the ability to run this light in mobile applications where the only power available is 9-50 VDC such as with vehicles and boats as well as in locations where 12VDC is either unavailable or inconvenient and the only power available is normal 120VAC. This LED spotlight can be run with DC current simply by unplugging it from the converter and connecting it to a source of 9-50VDC current. Run with 12 volt current, this 90 watt LED spotlight draws only 7.5 amps yet produces more light per watt than a comparable halogen spotlight. Constructed of aluminum and powder coated, the housing on this unit resists damage from impacts and corrosion.

The solid polycarbonate adjusting handle is connected with coated steel hardware, the mounting base is formed of heavy gauge steel and the LEDs are protected by polycarbonate lenses, all of which help to produce an LED spotlight that can stand up to rugged use and abusive environments without skipping a beat. This LED spotlight is well suited for security, law enforcement and military use as well as an ideal addition to any utility worker or outdoorsman’s array of vital equipment.

“The 90 watt LED light is our most popular LED light, due to it range and power, so it makes an ideal component to this mounted searchlight application,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’

The PML-LED90 is applicable for standard voltages ranging from 110V AC to 277V AC and low voltage applications ranging from 9V DC to 42V DC, which makes it extremely versatile. With 50,000 life hours, unprecedented vibration resistance and high power light output, soldiers, boat operators and high end sportsman will find application for this LED light.

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