MGI Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer for M16/M4/AR15 Platforms

MGI Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer for M16/M4/AR15 Platforms
MGI RRR Buffer, the self-adjusting mechanical buffer that keeps rifles on target for over 1 million rounds!

MGI RRR Buffer
MGI RRR Buffer
MGI Industries
MGI Industries

BANGOR, ME –-( MG Industries (MGI) President, Mack Gwinn, Jr. developed the MGI Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer to cut recoil from AR style rifles while increasing the shooter’s hit ratio.

With law enforcement agencies, military and competitive shooters demanding a more comfortable recoil reduction platform, Mack adapted a technology originally from Counter Poise.

The resulting MGI patented buffer is a self-adjusting, completely mechanical buffer with fewer parts to fail and none of the leakage associated with the common hydraulic or pneumatic buffers currently used.

It is not uncommon for systems employing the MGI buffer to easily put over one million rounds through a single rifle without a rebuild doing nothing more than routine cleaning and lubing. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Training center is one of many LE agencies using the MGI buffer system for demonstrations and training. So impressed with the simplicity and ease of the system, their SWAT Team members now use the MGI buffer system as well.

The MGI buffer is a simple, drop-in unit that automatically adjusts to the individual rifle and decreases the rate of fire as it increases accuracy. The MGI buffer does not give the shooter that “first round” struggle when pulling the carrier to the rear, as is common with other competitive buffers. With no springs in the MGI buffer system to interfere with feed reliability, more rounds successfully hit the target with greater control and accuracy. The muzzle climb is drastically reduced which allows the shooter more control to stay on target under single, semi or full auto. The MGI buffer is the choice of law enforcement, military units and competitive shooters who expect their rifles to perform under duress whether battle driven or during competitions without fail.

A D-fender D-Ring also comes with the MGI buffer that virtually eliminates extraction issues and can increase extractor spring force by four-times. The MGI Rate and Recoil Reducing Buffer is available at for $165.00(MSRP). For full-length stocks, MGI offers the Rate Reducing Buffer Rifle Stock adaptor for only $19.95 and for .308 rifles (AR-10) the Buffer Adaptor is available for just $19.95. Interested Dealers, please call 207-817-3280.

About MGI:
As a Maine based company, MGI is committed to providing the United States military and the American law enforcement community a weapons platform of endurance, reliability and lethality to face the mission and tactical challenges of a post 9/11 World. MGI products are MADE IN THE U.S.A. and available through Camfour (413-564-2300) or Zanders (800-851-4373) or visit Contact MG Industries at 207-945-5441 or [email protected] for more information.

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Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson

Just installed two of these in teammates M4’s. One deputy was having cycling issues before hand and didn’t have confidence in his weapon. Afterwards I ran him through function fire, and some NRA Select Fire drills. His M4, and the other deputy’s weapon ran flawlessly. I don’t have the formula to calculate rounds per minute. But both guns fired 5 rounds full auto in about .46 of a second according to my shot timer. If someone would care to convert that to rounds per minute let me know what that is. The goal was to get it down to, or… Read more »