Miami Vice Themed Side Shooting Match at the Carolina Cup

Miami Vice Themed Side Shooting Match at the Carolina Cup
Calderon’e Return – The Hit List

Panteao Productions
Panteao Productions

Columbia, SC –( Join the Panteao Gun Team June 16-18 in Oxford, NC at the IDPA Carolina Cup as we pay homage to a television show enjoyed by many of us shooters… Miami Vice.

Panteao Productions, along with Colt and Winchester, are hosting a side match called Calderone’s Return – The Hit List.

In this scenario, you are the Argentinean hit man from the fourth episode from season one of Miami Vice called Calderone’s Return. In this famous scene, the hit man (played by Jim Zubiena) takes out a drug dealer inside of a limo with a shotgun; then faces a bodyguard he didn’t count on.

From the surrender position, he quickly dispatched the drug dealer’s bodyguard with a Mozambique drill, then calmly dropped the magazine out of his 1911, emptied the chamber, and placed the gun on top of the bodyguard as he walks away. Classic scene!

Now you have your shot at being the Hit Man! You’ll be facing a target 10 yards away and you’ll have to drill it with two rounds to the body and one to the head using a Colt 1911.

While at the Carolina Cup if you happen to spot a match participant that looks a lot like Detective Stan Switek from Miami Vice, it’s because it is Switek. Actor and IDPA and NRA member Michael Talbott will be shooting the match with the Panteao Gun Team on Friday and Saturday.

The Panteao Productions filming crew will be filming portions of the clinic for the upcoming documentary on the Carolina Cup. More information about the Carolina Cup can be found here:

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