New York Micro-Stamping Legislation Passes Assembly Committee

New York Micro-Stamping Legislation Passes Assembly Committee

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( On May 3, Assembly Bill 1157 passed in the Assembly Codes Committee by a vote of 15 to 7 and will now head to the Assembly floor for consideration.

Introduced by state Assemblyman Michelle Schimel (D-16), A1157 would mandate micro-stamping on all new semi-automatic pistols sold in New York after January 1, 2013.

A1157 would require all semi-automatic pistols delivered to any licensed firearms dealer in New York for sale after January 1, 2013, to mechanically stamp an alpha-numeric or geometric code that would identify the make, model and serial number onto the cartridge case when the gun is discharged.

This bill would require models currently available to be redesigned by their manufacturers to have a micro-stamping component, which would vastly increase the cost of these firearms.

Micro-stamping is an unproven technology that is easily defeated with common household tools and the replacement of a few small parts. If passed, the availability of semi-automatic handguns in New York will be in serious doubt, as manufacturers simply may choose not to build or sell firearms for purchase in the state. Of course, that is the ultimate goal of this legislation. Make no mistake, this is a gun ban and it must be stopped.

Please contact your Assemblyman and respectfully ask him or her to OPPOSE A1157. Contact information can be found here.

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joe,what an inane and stupid idea which should have a snowballs chance of working ,just shows you the stupity of the people elected,[a politician is a person to stupid to find a real job,or thinks there smarter than everyone else,or just a lazy piece of shit, I,d vote the latter


To help new york with the ban, major manufacturers should get together, and decide to not do microstamping (what can they lose? They already will have effectively lost the consumer market anyway.) Then, as a CYA measure, they do not sell non microstamped guns to NY, even to law enforcement. If law enforcement is forced to have only "Jennings/Lorcin" class guns available to them, they will be forced to no longer support the ban.

Paul Costello

it is a known fact that the process which they are requireing cannot be done. California tried it and someone found out that there is no technology that can make it work. It is another boondogle like N.Y.S. case ID. a rat tail file works everytime on a chamber, changing the ID, another case of STUPIDITY ad Communist attempts to disarm and destroy the Constitution of the United States, after all it was Chuck Schumer that said; "hen we get a new Constitution, This Commie piece of low life should be impeached, for plotting against the constitution in Collusion with… Read more »