Pro-Gun Restaurant Carry Legislation Has Passed The Ohio House & Senate

Pro-Gun Restaurant Carry Legislation Has Passed The Ohio House & Senate
Why Isn’t It Going Directly To The Governor’s Desk?

Ohioans For Concealed Carry
Ohioans For Concealed Carry

Ohio –-( Last last night Ohioans For Concealed Carry sent this letter to the Ohio Senate and this letter to the Ohio House asking the President and Speaker of legislature to announce a fast track schedule of sending these bills to the Governor. A substantial majority of the legislature has voted in favor of this legislation. (NOTE: Action items at the end of this alert, please read through and share with friends)

Following yesterday’s passage of HB45 in the Ohio House of representatives a never seen before scenario in the history of gun rights legislation came about that confuses the future of Restaurant Carry legislation in Ohio.

First, the Ohio Senate sent the Ohio House two bills in April that are virtually identical to the bills the House passed yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon: Senate Bills 17 and 61.

Yesterday’s actions sent HB45 and HB54 to the Ohio Senate. In essence, both chambers of the legislature have passed virtually the same exact legislation save for one minor amendment the Senate adopted in SB17 that allows for expunging prior convictions for activity that would now be lawful in Ohio.

In order for either set of these bills to be sent to the Governor’s office they must go through three more committee hearings (or be pulled to the floor procedurally), they must get another floor vote, and if HB45 were the chosen “vehicle” a decision would need to be made on if the amendment adopted in SB17 would be amended in HB45. If it was adopted in the Senate they’d have to send HB45 back to the Ohio House for a concurrence vote of the entire House of Representatives.

For this reason alone, the most preferred path is for the Ohio House to procedurally fast track SB17 and SB61 to the House Floor, pass them, and send them directly to the Governor’s office next week.

Go to and identify your Representative and Senator using your zip code and CALL their office (do not email them) and tell them that you want to see these bills fast tracked. (Use the SB numbers when calling your Rep, use the HB numbers when calling your Senator) — Then, call the leaders of each chamber and ask them to fast track both bills:

  • Senate President Thomas E. Niehaus: (614) 466-8082
  • Speakler of the House William G. Batchelder: (614) 466-8140

Finally, call Governor John Kasich’s office at (614) 466-3555 and tell them you want to see Restaurant Carry become law.


Ohioans for Concealed Carry, founded in 1999, is a grassroots political activist organization. When founded, the primary goal of OFCC was getting concealed carry passed into law in Ohio. With that accomplished, our mission became to refine the concealed carry law and to expand and preserve the rights of all gun owners in Ohio. Visit: