Pursuit Channel to Give Away Hunt with “Cuz” Strickland

Pursuit Channel to Give Away Hunt with “Cuz” Strickland

Cuz Strickland
Pursuit Channel to Give Away Hunt with "Cuz" Strickland
Pursuit Channel
Pursuit Channel

LUVERNE, AL--(Ammoland.com)- Pursuit Channel Members can now enter for a chance to win a hunt of a lifetime with Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland.

The winning contestant will go on an all expense paid whitetail deerCuz in Chair hunt at Heart of Texas Bowhunting and be filmed by the Mossy Oak Crew.

To enter the contest go to www.pursuitchannel.com/Contest.asp

“I am very excited to be partnering up with the Pursuit Channel and Heart of Texas Bowhunting to give away this whitetail hunt,” said “Cuz” Strickland. “All you have to do is go to the Pursuit Channel website, sign up to be a Pursuit Channel member, and enter in the free contest.”

The hunt will take place at Heart of Texas Bowhunting located 16 miles west of Brady, Texas. The contest winner will enjoy a three day hunt where they will have the opportunity to harvest a mature buck and doe. The hunt will take place in the Fall of 2011 during pre-rut activity.

“We are thrilled to be hosting the winner of the hunt giveaway at our lodge,” said Heart of Texas Bowhunting owner Kevin Burleson. “Although we are primarily a bowhunting outfitter, we will allow the winner of the contest to use their weapon of choice.”

To enter the contest, go to www.pursuitchannel.com/Member.asp and sign up to be a Pursuit Channel Member. As a pursuit channel member you will receive updates on the network and be eligible for numerous contests.

For more information on Heart of Texas Bowhunting go to www.heartoftexasbowhunting.com

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  • 77 thoughts on “Pursuit Channel to Give Away Hunt with “Cuz” Strickland

      1. I like to go hunting but I’m on disability I can’t for it and anything else to no one wants to take me out hunting that why

    1. My husband Alva would like to go on one guided hunt once in his life time. So I’m entering his name for him. Hes vnot comupter savvy.

    2. My husband would like to at least go on a guided hunt, one time in his life time Hes not a computer person , so i am signing up for him


    4. I like to win the hunt for my husband. He has never been on a hunt. He work hard for us. He has CF he has been sick off and on .i would love him to get a hunt of a life time. Thank you

    5. thank you for the chance of this amazing hunt. I have never been out of Nebraska hunting. This would be an amazing hunt. thank you.

    6. I have hunted most of my life but here lately I have been taking my grandson hunting and trapping I have really enjoyed showing him the ropes.I have been saved through JESUS for four years now and wouldn’t change a thing my grandson save me from self destruction.I’ve never won nothing like this in my life and if I win I will dance around like a fish out of water thank you for your time and JESUS LOVES YOU and have a bless day.

    7. I always wanted to shoot a buck of a life time and never had a chance to shoot a big buck or even seen a big buck to shoot. Now i need the luck to win this. Thanks for this chance.

    8. kuz i wouldlike to talk to you with helping me to conveience John Boy to build us the Charlotte area a sporting clays and five stand range if possible please give me a call anytime 980-833-4745 or 704 814-7738.Iam a Level 2 cert. shooting Inst. for NSCA Larry Lowe

    9. I would love to go on a hunt with you Mr Strickland in Gods country it would be honor I enjoy being in woods every time go I have been waiting on a chance like this God bless

    10. I would love to come huntin with yall because I have dreamed my
      Whole life to harvest a gaint like that so just think about picking me

    11. I have been an advid hunter my entire life,an opertunity like this would be a chance of a life time..My oldest daughter has also found the passion of hunting and would also like to be considered for this opertunity…

    12. I love the pursuitchannel they have some great hunting and fishing and great tips for the woods it helped me kill the biggest buck of my life in 2013 he was 17.5inches in side spread

    13. Just thought that I would thank you guys for all the shows that you produce for tv. I believe that the more exposure that the outdoors hunting show bring to the viewers the more influence it has on the younger hunters on becoming better sportsman. I know I raised 4 boys, and I believe that they are true sportsman in and out of the field. I have never entered anything like this before, but maybe going with the pro’s would be very educational and fun meeting people outside of North Dakota.
      Looking forward to your next weeks show.

    14. I would love to go hunt with you guys and be able to take

      My 12 year old daughter and let her hunt in another

      State or country

      Thanks for your time love your show

    15. Hey Cuzzzzz

      How you doing? Hope to hear from you. I have watched back when you were with them Primo boys so i feel like i know ya. I would be honored to go on a whitetail hunt with you for that is my passion. Not getting any younger so hope to hear from you. Lol

      Take care. Mark..

    16. Hey Cuz, I've been watching you hunt for quite some time and loved every show. I am 61 years old now, but i had an accident a few years back and lost my left leg and hurt my back, but i would love to getme one more big buck. Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays.

    17. I have been watching the hunting every chance I get. I have seen some of the deer y'all have at your place, it is amazing the time y'all put in to growing them. My brother-n- law brett Farve grows his deer too. But I've been looking my whole life to hunt a deer like y'all have. If not with y'all I pray someday I'll have a chance of a life time. Thank you for giving someone a chance even if it's not me. God bless!!!

      1. Iam 55 year old female with a 12 year old son he’s never shot anything yet but I am trying to be mom & dad and help him to have a fun and good experience. I love to hunt and still get that fever to go find one.

    18. I have spent many years teaching hunter safety through our DNR. Spending the hours bringing new hunters has been very rewarding and a deffinate responsibility of all of ours. Perserving our sport is critical. I hunt from Oct. 1st to January. I along with alot of us live to hunt. I could never afford to go on a hunt like this, so I'm praying and hoping to win it. Thanks!!

    19. scott anderson from mn it is dream that i whatever forget.i;m not a lucky man on winning things.i think nothing ever comes easy in life so here's my chance.i was good this year you can even ask misses santa.ilook forward to hearing from you guys soon.if not thanks for the chance of a lifetime.scott

    20. Been hunting For 58 Years And never Got A Buck With Any Size To Him.This Would Be A Hunt Of A Lifetime. Please??????? Pick Me. Thank You Ron

    21. hey cuz this is Daryl from N.C. i been looking to go on a hunting trip for a while now and would for that trip to be with you guys and have a chance at a true once in a lifetime buck and also the experience in traveling and meeting new people so thanks for your time hope to hear from u guys thanks Daryl

    22. i enjoy the show and would love to be part of the hunt, i would love to learn from the best and be able to take a big buck . i'm in my sixty's and would love to have a chance ,thank you

    23. I'm 40 years old aways lived and hunted in mich. I been hunting since I was just a little boy with my grandpa. When he passed in 2000 I told my self I would try my hardest to shoot a monster buck but I just haven't had that chance. I would love to have that chance to go to Ohio. Thank you so much

    24. If always winter 2 hunt a nice buck an have one on the wall I spend lots of time hunting take my kids out with me they r 6 an 7 year old boys now so u no how the hunt go lol but I love the outdoors an love spending time with them n it it a dream of mine 2 get a good buck from a nother state

    25. I would like to my son on a hunt like that just watchin him would be a memory anuff i payed for a hunt this year and got scamed so we went back to the core land havent got nothing yet he can not hunt there yet but he still goes and sits with me and does the time a hunt like that i could never afford but mabe we get to do something like that one day

    26. im 32 years old i never kill a big white tail all i want is to kill one to hang on my wall i live in south la we got deer some goods ones i hunt ever weekend morin and after noon i just wish i could get picl on one theses hunt i see on the out door channel i love to to kill a trophy to hang on my wall thats make my day so much

    27. I am 69 years of age and have never hunted out-

      side the stat of louisiana,but once and that was nextdoor,in mississippi.Also I have killed

      a buck bigger than 5 points.The deer here are very small and to make a hunt like that,with

      old "Cuz".Would be the ultamate hunt of my life.

      Yours Very Truly:Edward"Eddie Joe"Dupre

      Thank You for This Chance!

    28. my family has a deer camp every year, we are working on the 4th generation of hunters, I am always the person who helps everyone get setup,to have deer drove to them. I am a 57 year old man who would love to have a trophy mount. I have never seen a big deer, I live in S.E. Ohio and would love the opportunity to try for one. This old man would love to get a big one, after helping with generations of hunters,I hope it could be my turn to get that trophy mount. This would complete my hunting life.

    29. I am 62 and never taken a buck worth mounting, A hunting oppertunity like this would be a hunt of a life time, That , I have long dreamed of.

    30. I have allways had to just hunt for meat in the freezer and now I am 66 and getting a little slower but still dream of just once in my life to take a mamuth buck of a lifetime. God has allways put meat on the table and I thank Him for that. I also thank you guys for putting on such a great show. Thanks Guys.

    31. I always dream of killing a big buck i always watch these hunting show on pursuit and wish i could be like that but around where i live those deer are not here so i hope to win these hunt

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