Veteran Outdoors’ Sophomore Season to Debut on Sportsman Channel

Veteran Outdoors’ Sophomore Season to Debut on Sportsman Channel

Veteran Outdoors' Season Two
Veteran Outdoors' Sophomore Season to Debut on Sportsman Channel
Veteran Outdoors
Verteran Outdoors

Georgetown, TX –-( Veteran Outdoors (VO), a Texas-based nonprofit established to honor wounded veterans, airs the second season of their self-titled television series May 2, on The Sportsman Channel (TSC).

The season’s 14 original episodes highlight thrilling outdoor adventures while profiling stories of veterans injured in combat during recent wars.

The organization, founded in 2006, began presenting recreational opportunities to veterans to assist in their mental and physical wellbeing.

Wes Higgins, a U.S. Army veteran and co-founder of VO, said the idea came from the usual talk he and his soldiers shared about better times upon their return home.

“We all made promises to get together when we made it back,” said Higgins. ”Some guys got hurt and a few didn’t make it, so we just wanted to honor them by continuing the freedoms we fought for.”

Higgins and Cody Hirt, another co-founder of VO, witnessed the effects of the outings and began finding more injured veterans to benefit. The inherent qualities of outdoor recreation and the camaraderie found on the first trips proved to be the catalyst for the next 5 years.

The series was picked up by TSC in early 2011 for summer programming beginning Monday night, 7:30 CST. The series’ diversity as an outdoors show and its patriotic appeal give it the potential to relate to a large viewing audience.

“These adventures are tailored to individual veterans and their families,” said Hirt. “Friends and family submit them and tell us what the veteran’s dream adventure is and we work to make it happen. We also provide a platform for them to tell their stories in their own words.”

Veterans are fully outfitted by donations and sponsorships by generous individuals, companies and organizations. Selected guests are set up to be surprised at an unassuming time: baseball games, family gatherings and school Christmas pageants; to name a few.

About Veteran Outdoors:
Veteran Outdoors is a nonprofit organization providing quality outdoor adventures to wounded veterans and their families. VO serves as a platform for their incredible stories and promotes awareness for the need to honor those who have served in the defense of our country. To learn more: