ATF Scandal Brewing Fast & Furiously

ATF Scandal Brewing Fast & Furiously

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( Operation Fast & Furious — or as we have been calling it, “Project Gunwalker” — is becoming a large scandal very fast and most furiously.

One media outlet referred to it yesterday as “worse than Iran-Contra.”

As you know, the anti-gun brass at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) conspired to force gun dealers to sell firearms to criminals who in turn walked those firearms across the border into Mexico and into the hands of dangerous drug gangs.

The BATFE administration blatantly ignored its own agents’ warnings in order to advance their anti-gun political agenda. By sanctioning and encouraging the sale, literally thousands of firearms ended up in the hands of violent Mexican drug cartels.

The result? At least two American law enforcement agents killed, one Mexican military helicopter shot down and over 100 Mexican officers killed or wounded.

That’s not counting the crime that could come in the future.

The BATFE purposefully armed men who are considered by our own Federal law enforcement agents to be more dangerous than al Qaeda.

And now, thanks to thousands of gun owners — patriots who took action and called their Congressmen –– the anti-gun zealots who run the BATFE are facing a Congressional inquiry.

Last Wednesday, after a full day of hearings, the Chairman of the US House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee had this to say regarding guns going into Mexico:

“Could that be a political decision? Could that be a decision that basically, we just want to substantiate that guns in America go to Mexico…?”

You see what’s going on here.

Let’s retrace the steps:

  • The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton State Department assert that most of the guns used in Mexican crimes come from America, and that in the name of regional stability “more restriction on law-abiding American Firearms owners are needed and the United States must sign on to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.
  • The BATFE begins investigating this “claim”, and creates a “sting operation” to ensure American guns end up in Mexico.
  • Then they force gun dealers to sell firearms to known criminals who smuggle the guns to violent Mexican drug cartels.
  • Agents on the ground in this investigation said that it was a horrible idea, but the operations were authorized and supported by leading officials in the BATFE and the Justice Department.

The mantra of the anti-gun Left is simple: “never let a crisis go to waste.” And if there isn’t a convenient crisis, go ahead and make one up.

This is exactly the strategy Obama and his anti-gun allies have been practicing for years. They will use this “crisis” to ram federal gun control legislation down the throats of American citizens.

But I know you won’t stand for it. I’m going to remind them every chance I get, and remind them that you are behind me.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. I need your help in getting messages like this one to larger audiences. Those arrogant power-grabbers at the Justice Department and in Washington only listen to large numbers.

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