Do You Want To Live Under A Monarchy

Do You Want To Live Under A Monarchy?

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( Do you want to live under a monarchy? How about socialism?

Of course you don’t, and while people like you and me think the answers to those questions are pretty obvious, there are other countries in the world where they think it’s a great idea.

And guess what?

The governments of some of those countries are now spending millions of dollars in the United States to change our system to be more like theirs.

That’s right.

A recent report showed that the European Union, by way of its “human rights” fund, has been shelling out over $30 million a year on leftist causes in America.

  • Global warming propaganda.
  • International criminal courts.
  • Anti-gun campaigns.

All of it having money funneled from ineffective, socialist-styled regimes that have proven to be failures.

Think about that for a minute.

While anti-gunners like the Brady Campaign whine and cry about how much money the supposed “gun lobby” has, groups like theirs are being funded by European GOVERNMENTS!

The European Union’s own Commission accounts also show that untold millions of dollars have gone to “unnamed individual opinion formers” in the United States.

Opinion formers. Funded by the European Union..?

I would like to say I’m surprised by this, but the fact of the matter is, I have been trying to warn people for well over a year about things like this.

Remember the UN Small Arms Treaty I’ve been telling you about? I think you know how that fits in.

The very simple fact of the matter is that the Euro is beating the Dollar right now, and so the European Union – by taxing the snot out of their citizens – can drop a few million on their pet causes in the U.S. and have it go a long, long way.

That’s what we’re up against.

  • Not just liberal politicians in our own country.
  • Not just freedom-hating, liberal interest groups.
  • Entire countries.

Generating billions and billions in tax payer revenue, and pilfering those funds to further their leftist agenda.

I’d like to say this fight will be easy, but you and I both know that’s not true.

With Senators like Rand Paul being a rarity, there aren’t a lot of people in Washington fighting against this kind of nonsense.

I intend to change that.

I will keep you posted on anything else I hear about this story, as I’m sure you are as interested in it as I am.

For Liberty,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

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