Doug Koenig Wins at Sportsman’s Team Challenge

Doug Koenig Wins at Sportsman’s Team Challenge

STC Team Members
STC Team Members Doug Koenig, Jerry Miculek, and Mike Plaxco
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AmmoLand Gun News

San Antonio, TX –-( Professional shooter Doug Koenig, shooting as a member of Team Smith and Wesson, won his 15th Sportsman’s Team Challenge Title at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas. Koenig’s Team Smith and Wesson won the Industry Open Championship and had the highest point total for the event.

The Sportsman’s Team Challenge is a three gun event that calls for a host of skills in pistol, rifle and shotgun. During the annual competition, each member of every team is required to shoot three firearms – rifle, pistol and shotgun. Facing off in six events, all shots by every team member are used to calculate the final score.

The events for the Sportsman’s Team challenge include: Rifle, Combo, Handgun, Mixed Bag, Flush and Flurry. The first event, Rifle, requires shooters to use a .22 rifle while firing at 46 steel targets that vary in size, distance and point value. The next event, Combo, requires teams to use one .22 rifle and two .22 handguns as they shoot 50 targets ranging in distance from 25 to 80 yards. The last metallic event is Handgun, in which shooters compete in a relay, firing at 48 total targets with restricted time limits. The final three events take competitors to the shotgun course where they engage in three unique 50-bird sporting clay style matches.

After shooting the high aggregate score in the preliminary round, Koenig’s team followed that with a high team score of 567 in the championship round. The second place team had a score of 552. Koenig said that the STC calls on him to utilize all of his skills and equipment because of the wide ranging nature of the match.

“My teammates and I look forward to this match every year because it is a fun match,” said Koenig. We have a wide range of equipment for this match and that is where our sponsors are so important to us. We all work together well, we all have great equipment, and we all have a great time at this match.”

Koenig’s son, Trevor, was a member of the winning sub junior “B” team at the event. Trevor, competing in San Antonio for the second time, enjoyed the match as he followed in his famous father’s footsteps.

“I really like the fact that I can shoot with my Dad,” said Trevor. “He can teach me how to do my best at this event while I have a lot of fun.”

Koenig has won national and world championships in pistol events, shotgun events, and rifle events. A professional shooter, Koenig has dominated competitive pistol shooting for the last fifteen years. Koenig has won sixteen Masters International Championships, three World Speed Shooting Championships, an IPSC World Championship, three World Action Pistol Championships (holds World Record Score), fifteenth Sportsman’s Team Challenge Championships, a World All-Around Championship, and thirteen National Action Pistol Championships (Bianchi Cup).


  • Koenig’s gun sponsor is SMITH & WESSON – the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States.
  • Koenig’s optical sight is from LEUPOLD & STEVENS – optics that are renowned for their unchallenged ruggedness, absolute waterproof integrity, and their vastly superior optical quality.
  • Koenig’s bullet supplier is HORNADY – the maker of the finest bullets available.
  • Koenig’s speed holster is from SAFARILAND – the top name in competitive shooting holster accessories.
  • Koenig’s gun cleaning products are from OTIS – the most advanced gun care systems in the world. .
  • Koenig’s brass is from STARLINE – precision brass for shooters that require the best.
  • Koenig’s air guns are from GAMO – shooters in over 50 countries use Gamo’s high quality air rifles and air pistols.
  • Koenig’s crossbows come from TEN POINT CROSSBOWS – the premiere crossbow brand in the marketplace.

Doug Koenig is represented by Russ Stott of August Sports – a Maryland/Washington, D.C. based sports representation agency that specializes in representing athletes from the outdoor sports. For information about Doug Koenig, please contact the offices of August Sports Promotions at (202) 413-3455 or at [email protected]

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JD Martin

The STC is a 4 gun event. Not 3.