Elk Archery Working Group Applications Wanted

Elk Archery Working Group Applications Wanted

Montana Wildlife Federation
Montana Wildlife Federation

Montana –-(Ammoland.com)- FWP is seeking 8-12 individuals to serve on a working group to collaboratively identify the central issues and fundamental objectives that define effective elk management, and potential alternatives for elk archery regulations in support of effective management.

Any “consensus” products could be directed into the 2012-13 biennial season-setting process starting in December 2011. The FWP Commission is not obligated to any adoption.

Interested Individuals:

  • Must be able to travel and actively participate in multi-day meeting on July 25, 26, August 24-25, Sept 19-20, and Oct 17-18 in Miles City, Lewistown, Malta or Billings (to be determined). Mileage, lodging and meal costs associated with these meetings will be covered.
  • Must be committed to collaboratively developing consensus on equitable potential refinements to the archery regulations in support of effective elk management (including crowding, equity, consistency, and effective population management) across private and public lands in the Missouri Breaks and 22 hunting districts outside the Breaks.
  • Must be willing to think of and consider creative solutions to solving complex problems.
  • Must be willing to actively participate in a facilitated structured decision-making process that incorporates effective elk management, as well as making specific recommendations concerning allocation of opportunity in elk archery regulations.
  • Must be willing to support a model of conservation in Montana that incorporated different stakeholder values and results in effective elk management over time.

In pursuit of an effective and diverse group that is both representative and respectful, no automatic preference will be assigned any group or individual. Rather, individual nominations will be assessed for the perspective they represent and for their visible willingness and ability to comprehensively engage the discussion.

Written applications taken by FWP until Wed, June 29, 2011 and should include:


Mailing Address



  • Please describe your interest in effective elk management and how archery regulations could and should contribute to effective elk management.
  • Please describe your familiarity with Montana’s archery elk regulations and how you think you can effectively provide input into the regulation process and overall effective elk management.
  • Please describe you experiences working collaboratively toward successful resolutions of contentious issues.

Please Answer the following;

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “strongly opposed” and 10 being “strongly support” – how do you view the current elk archery regulations in the Missouri Breaks? (Question being asked to assist in providing a balanced representation)

Same…One a scale of 1-10….

How do you view the current elk archery regulations in the 22 districts outside of the Missouri River Breaks?

Please check all that apply to you on your application:


___Hunter – Rifle

___Outfitter – primarily private land

___Outfitter – primarily public land

___Landowner – primarily with leased or outfitted hunting

___Landowner – primarily without leased or outfitted hunting

___Others (business owner, local government, etc )

Applicant finalists may be interviewed before a final decision is made.

Mail Applications to:
FWP – Wildlife Bureau
Attn: Elk Archery Working Group
PO Box 200701
Helena, MT 59620

Larry Copenhaver
Conservation Director of Local Issues
Montana Wildlife Federation
406-458-0227 ext. 104
800-517-7256 ext. 104
Official Web-site:www.montanawildlife.org

This message brought to you by Montana’s largest statewide wildlife organization of more than 7,500 conservation minded hunters and anglers with a common mission ‘To protect and enhance Montana’s public wildlife, lands, waters and fair chase hunting and fishing heritage’.