Hawke Endurance 30 Riflescope

Hawke Endurance 30 riflescope goes beyond the scope of the pleadings

Katherine Browne sights in her Hawke Endurance 30 riflesscope. Photo by Eric Grand
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Rolla, MO –-(Ammoland.com)- During the National Archery Buyers Association (NABA) trade show this year, I sat with the friendly folks at Hawke Sport Optics.

I had never heard of this company before because they are relatively new to the U.S., but they have a long history in Europe and an excellent reputation there.

I had just purchased my first hunting rifle, a Remington Model 700 in 7mm-08, and I was looking for a scope to use for my upcoming all-ladies pig hunt. I was impressed with the scopes and everything Hawke rep Brad Bonar had to say about them, so I decided to try one out. Brad recommended the Endurance 30 based on my preferences and hunting style, and Hawke Optics shipped me one to test and review.

The Endurance 30 IR riflescopes feature a Japanese-engineered 30mm optical system. I opted for the model 1.5-6×42 because I like to get within 100 yards of the animals I am hunting rather than taking long shots. Though my rifle is capable of accurate shots at long range, I’ve never felt that is fair to the game. I endeavor to get as close as possible so the animals have an opportunity to detect me if I am not conscious of the wind and if I am not stalking well enough. I believe this is more sporting and helps me hone my hunting skills.

I sighted in my rifle at the local gun club and was extremely excited about my hunt. While sighting in, I wished I had opted for the next magnification up to be able to see my targets better while zeroing in. However, I was impressed with the clarity, the sights, and how easy it was to adjust the scope.

It is an attractive scope, and Brad assured me that he had knocked his scope hard during hunts and it remained accurate. I had knocked my scope hard last season, and had to sight it in again and found that it was 4 inches off at 100 yards. I can be rough on my equipment, so I was excited to have a durable scope that would not lose its zero when bumped. Satisfied that I was sighted in, I packed up my rifle and headed to Oklahoma with my good friend Kirstie Pike, CEO at Próis.

As hunting goes sometimes, I was the only one who did not even see a pig on that hunt! The turkeys gobbled and strutted, and the whitetails bounded and grazed freely about me every day, but unfortunately neither was in season. Ironically, turkey season opened three days after we left. This past year’s hunting has been a lesson in becoming more humble.

However, I had ample time to experiment with my scope and was extremely impressed with its light-gathering capabilities. Even at dusk and dawn, when I could see hardly any detail with the naked eye, I could make out fine details through my scope and the contrast was excellent. Had a pig shown itself, I am confident that he or she would be in my freezer right now.

Hawke Optics makes excellent-quality optics at prices that are much more reasonable than other comparable optics. The scope I tried out retails at only $359. Also the people at Hawke are extremely helpful, and let me upgrade my scope after my hunt to the next power up (3-12×50) at no additional charge.

Since I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot an animal—though I did shoot two boxes of ammo at the range—I am planning to follow up on this review after the upcoming hunting season. Hawke has great dealer programs and excellent pricing straight to the consumer, so if you are looking for a good scope at a reasonable price, look no further.

Once Hawke’s reputation is established in the U.S. they will be able to sell these scopes at twice their current pricing so don’t delay! Check out Hawke online to see a variety of scopes, binoculars and even tactical equipment.

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