Government Litigation Savings Act

Government Litigation Savings Act
The NWTF Represents Your Best Interests.

National Wild Turkey Federation
National Wild Turkey Federation

EDGEFIELD, S.C. –-( As part of the NWTF’s commitment to representing the interests of our members, conservationists and hunters, the NWTF signed on to a letter supporting the Government Litigation Savings Act.

If passed, the Government Litigation Savings Act will close a legal loophole that enables nonprofit groups to file frivolous lawsuits against our natural resource agencies.

Defending against these lawsuits drains natural resource agencies of millions of dollars and diverts agency personnel from their true mission: conserving America’s land, water and wildlife resources.

The Government Litigation Savings Act would help our state agencies focus their manpower, and the funds our nation’s hunters generate through license sales and excise taxes on firearms and ammunition, on managing and conserving our natural resources.

This legislation will face stiff opposition from the very influential trial lawyer lobby and has little chance of being approved by the current Congress.

However, supporting this legislation, regardless of its chance of becoming law, is one of the many ways the NWTF works to conserve wild turkeys and other wildlife, preserve our hunting heritage and protect our nation’s valuable resources for future generations.

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