Hunter Rescue Self Recovery Fall Arrest System

Hunter Rescue Self Recovery Fall Arrest System

Hunter Rescue
Hunter Rescue

USA –-( You’ve heard the stories and perhaps even know someone who’s fallen from his or her treestand.

Such a fall without a safety harness can cause devastating injuries or even death.

Although harnesses are designed to stop your fall, what then? What will you do if you can’t get back into your stand?

Now you can put your fears of falling behind you with the Hunter Rescue Self Recovery Fall Arrest System. This full-body safety harness system is much more than just your basic safety harness. It was created for one and only one purpose – to allow the hunter to get to the ground in a controlled manner in the event of a fall from a treestand or other elevated platform. This system can also be used if your treestand has a catastrophic failure or if the two parts of your climbing stand become separated.

If you fall from your stand while wearing the Hunter Rescue System, you just have to locate the lanyard to the release arm and pull down. You will then travel down the rope to the ground.

Releasing the Hunter Rescue takes the same amount of force as initiating a pull up. A lighter person takes less force while a heavier person requires more. To stop, simply release the lanyard. The device will stop you automatically. It’s that simple!

The Hunter Rescue System can not only save your life, but it will provide you and your loved ones with a peace of mind that will make your hunting experience much more enjoyable.


  • Hunter Rescue
  • Ease of Operation
  • You control descent
  • Reusable
  • 45-300 weight range
  • One moving part
  • Works in all weather
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Universal Harness
  • One size fits all
  • Quick release buckles
  • Made in USA

The Hunter Rescue Self Recovery System is comprised of :

  • The Hunter Rescue
  • A Full Body Harness for the Hunter
  • A Suspension Relief Device
  • 30 ft of 9 mm Life Safety Rope
  • A Tree Strap
  • An Aluminum Screw Link Connector

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