Lightfield Ammunition ProStaff Grows

Lightfield Ammunition ProStaff Grows

Joe Serafini
Lightfield Ammunition ProStaff Grows with addition of Joe Serafini
Lightfield Ammunition
Lightfield Ammunition

Adelphia, NJ –-( Lightfield Ammunition Corporation announces the addition of Joe Serafini to their ProStaff.

Joe is widely recognized from the hit television series Top Shot currently airing on the History Channel.

Lightfield’s National Director of Marketing, Brian Smith, noted, “We are very happy to bring Joe on board. Watching his debut on Top Shot, Serafini not only impressed us with his marksmanship but with his sportsmanship and professional attitude as well” Smith continued, “It’s very easy to tell Joe is a former Marine and we here at Lightfield like that fact very much.”

Serafini is a 27 year old native of Illinois born and raised just an hour south of Chicago.

“The most important thing in my life is the happiness and health of my family.” said Joe. “I am fortunate that I have two wonderful parents, a sister and a seven year old nephew, who is the greatest little guy”. Joe comes from a family that greatly enjoys the outdoors. Shooting has always been a big part his life with his father starting him out squirrel hunting at the age of 5. “I shot my first squirrel with a .22 caliber Rim fire rifle.” Added Joe. “Then, when I was 8 years old, I took a 240 pound wild boar with a compound bow”.

As Joe grew older, his ability and interest for shooting improved. He has shot in state, regional, national, and world events with great success.

“My father and I have organized shooting events and hunting clinics with numerous organizations including National Wild Turkey Federation, Whitetails Unlimited and the Boy Scouts of America”, said Joe. “I shot for Browning Archery prior to joining the Marine Corps and served on several pro staffs for shooting and hunting companies.”

As a Marine, Joe was Company High Shooter in boot camp, and shot in the Division Matches at Camp Pendleton. He qualified expert with both the M-16 and the Berretta 9mm pistol. In addition, he served his country with two tours of duty in Iraq.

“The first tour I was with the 15th M.E.U. in a Combat Engineer Platoon for the invasion of Iraq”, stated Serafini. “My second tour was in 2007 at a small base on the Syrian border as a Utilities Sergeant in an Engineer Company”.

Between Joes shooting, hunting, competition, and military service, he has experience with pistols, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, slug guns, muzzle loaders, archery and c-4 explosives.

“When I shoot, I shoot to win”, says Joe. “But I’m also willing to share my knowledge with others to help them learn to improve their skills and to promote the sport. This is why I’m so excited about working with Lightfield Ammunition”, Joe adds. “If you are a slug gun shooter you owe it to yourself to give this ammunition a try. It works!”

“Joe fits the Lightfield mold of excellence and we are proud that he will be working with us”, said Peter Saker, Jr. President of Lightfield Ammunition Corporation. Lightfield will not only have Joe on hand for several of the Wild Adventure television shows, but also for public appearances as well as special events and conferences. “Again we are very happy to be able to introduce Joe as the newest member of our ProStaff”.

Lightfield indeed has a very strong military background that the hunting world appreciates. It was the U.S. Marine Corps that inspired the original design for Lightfield Slugs. Lightfield was asked to design a shotgun slug that would give our service men and women the upper hand in the face of battle. That design and technology was introduced to the hunting industry in 1982. The extensive lightfield product line utilizes two distinctively innovative and proprietary designs to produce superior accuracy at extended ranges for today hunters. The very same technology, materials, and commitment to excellence continues to go into every singe shell to this day. For more information, visit