Most Comprehensive Information of Outdoor Media Usage Ever

Most Comprehensive Information of Outdoor Media Usage Ever Available through Southwick Associates Media Monitor

Southwick Associates
Southwick Associates

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fl –-( The new Southwick Associate’s Media Monitor (SAMM) promises to become the same valuable tool for outdoor publishers, television producers and ad buyers, as Southwick’s other reports have been for leading outdoor industries, organizations and game and fish agencies.

For years, Southwick Associates’ monthly Hunter Survey, Shooter Survey and Angler Survey reports have set the benchmark for reliable data used by nonprofit organizations and outdoor product manufacturers to understand the participation and purchasing decisions of consumers and constituents. The type of information available in these reports is critical to leaders looking to grow their markets and improve their programs and profitability.

Outdoor media outlets, as well as ad buyers looking for the best mediums through which to sell their message, can get that same detailed information through the SAMM, which is now available.

SAMM presents the results of an online panel that tracks hunter, shooter and angler media consumption particularly in the areas of outdoor magazines, television and internet (websites and social media). The ultimate goal of the report is to measure the type and amount of media usage among sportsmen and match their purchasing preferences to specific media programs and titles. Never before has this information been available.

“This data is invaluable to outdoor television show producers, print and online publishers and ad buyers who want or need to better understand where outdoor enthusiasts obtain most of their information and how it affects their purchasing decisions,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates.

Information will be available for hunters, anglers and shooters separately. A sampling of the types of information available in each standard report includes:

  • The types of media sources (television, magazines and online) used by sportsmen for outdoor information or entertainment,
  • Relevant rankings for national and regional fishing, hunting and shooting-related magazines, television shows, websites and social media sites, and

In addition to the standard reports, customized reports can be provided to help companies:

  • Track media usage by consumers of its brand vs. competing brands,
  • Understand the purchasing habits and demographics for different types of outdoor media users (television vs. magazines vs. online users, by species, by preferred types of hunting, fishing or shooting, etc), and
  • Profile the demographics and outdoor habits for nearly every outdoor television program.

Southwick Associates can work with individual publishers and editors, producers, network executives, research departments and others to develop customized reports that best fit their company’s needs. Through SAMM and its extensive outdoor informational databases, Southwick Associates can help specify a particular media outlet’s demographics, types of activities enjoyed by their viewers or readers, types of equipment, brand names and price points of related products purchased and even stores and websites where these purchases most often take place.

SAMM is now available and will be produced quarterly with an annual summary at the end of each year. Click here for Sample report. For pricing or more information on purchasing SAMM report, contact Mr. Courtney Olson at [email protected] or (303) 955-2194.

About Southwick Associates:
Southwick Associates was founded in 1989 to serve the fish and wildlife management community, as well as the sportfishing and hunting industries. We specialize in economic and business statistics related to fish and wildlife. Our expertise includes measuring retail expenditures by anglers, hunters, wildlife viewers and other outdoor recreationists; quantifying the jobs, tax revenues and other economic impacts of outdoor recreation; tracking trends within outdoor industries as well as identifying major distribution channels and the overall structure of specific outdoor-related industries; and analyzing the value of fish and wildlife resources and their uses including land transactions, new business ventures, fish kills and more. Participate in our panels at ,, and or visit our website at Southwick