Nat Geo TV Showcases Barrett Firearms & The Family Behind The Company

National Geographic Television Showcases Barrett Firearms & The Family Behind The Company

Barrett Firearms
Barrett Firearms

Murfreesboro, TN –-( National Geographic Television announced this week that Barrett and its founder, Ronnie Barrett, along with son and daughter, Chris and Angela Barrett, will be showcased in a one-hour documentary on Monday, June 27th at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

“SNIPERS, INC.” covers Ronnie Barrett’s invention of the famous .50-caliber rifle back in 1982 and how the business evolved into its current state-of-the-art world headquarters. In addition to showcasing the dynamics of a family-owned business, the program will take the viewer on a tour of how raw steel enters the factory and becomes a Barrett rifle that will be used by the United States military, law enforcement agencies, American allied governments and civilian sport shooters.

Ronnie Barrett said, “Our story has been shown before on national television, but either as something specific to the firearms industry or a political stance that we’ve taken on behalf of Second Amendment rights. This documentary by National Geographic explains how our family business functions on a day-to-day basis and how Chris, Angela and I interact with our employees to produce quality products while planning for future growth.”

Barrett has been featured previously on CBS Television’s 60 Minutes, NBC Dateline, CNN, The History Channel, Discovery Channel’s Future Weapons and others. In addition, Barrett’s rifles have been shown in scores of movies, television programs, video games, magazine articles and even novels.

Two new Barrett rifles, not yet released to the public, are included in the documentary: M107A1, which is a modification of Ronnie Barrett’s original 82A1 (adopted by the United States Army in 2002) and the MRAD, a rifle designed by Chris Barrett.

National Geographic Television executives said that SNIPERS, INC. would also be broadcast at additional times during their summer schedule.

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company specializing in high performance rifle systems and accessories. Barrett manufactures rifles, ammunition and optic accessories in addition to training for civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the US military and over 63 foreign allied militaries worldwide.