New Mexico Anti-Gun Businesses

New Mexico Anti-Gun Businesses

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New Mexico Anti-Gun Businesses
Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force
Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force

Alamogordo, NM –-( As you know, New Mexico law allows private property owners to forbid the carrying of firearms on their property.

Merchants who do this have made a business decision to deny you your God given, and New Mexico affirmed, rights.

They may cite various reasons for their decision, but your rights are abbreviated none the less. We would like to compile a list of these merchants, to assist the members in deciding where they would like to do business.

Personally, no business which makes this decision will ever see a penny of my hard earned money.

To this end, we would appreciate input about businesses which infringe on your right to be armed. The name and location of these businesses would be appreciated.

Also, some businesses do not post their property in accordance with NM law.

The standards for a sign are as follows:

  1. Be printed legibly in English
  2. Be at least 144 square inches in size
  3. Contain the name and address of the person under whose authority the property is posted or the name and address of the person who is authorized to grant permission to enter the property
  4. Be placed at each way of access onto the property

To read the whole sign law, go to

A sign which simply says “No Firearms”, or a picture sign, is not in accordance with NM law.

If you encounter a sign which does not meet these requirements, we would like to have that information also. For example, I am told that Margo’s restaurant has a sign near the cash register, but not at the entrance. This is a clear violation of the sign standards, and would be of interest to us.

We’re hoping to get a lot of feedback.

The Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force is an association of private citizens engaging in the free exercise of their God-given, constitutionally protected right to be armed.Visit: