NuFletch Introduces Lumenok Lighted Nock Design

NuFletch Introduces Lumenok Lighted Nock Design

NuFletch Archery
NuFletch Archery

Fort Walton Beach, FL –-( NuFletch has joined forces with Lumenok on an exciting new way to “light it up” by adding lighted nocks to the NuFletch product line.

The OEM nocks from Lumenok, designed especially for NuFletch, eliminate the hassles of finding nocks that fit the inner diameter of your arrow because the nock cap used on the NuFletch Spectrum Standard products are all the exact same size.

If you can fit one, you can fit them all.

This sizing ensures that the lighted nock will do its job each time you shoot the product. No more worrying about the correct fit. The CNC machined caps are all within a tolerance that makes the nocks work correctly.

NuFletch Lumenok Lighted Nock
NuFletch Lumenok Lighted Nock

The nock cap also serves another important purpose. It is designed to house two small coin cell batteries in the perfect position. A normal fletched arrow is hollow, and the round coin cell batteries would fall straight through. The nock cap provides the perfect solution to this problem.

If your batteries become weak, simply remove the nock from the cap and pop them out. Replace the cells with two new coin cells and you are good to go. Replacement batteries can be found at your local Wal-Mart or online at for a substantial discount.

NuFletch's lighted nock is extremely bright and its simplicity ensures that it will give excellent performance in the field.

Light up the trail to your local dealer and ask about the NuFletch lighted nock or visit us at for more information!

For more information visit them online at

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