White House Announces Guns Do Deter Crime, Encourages Training – Official Version Says Other

White House Announces Guns Do Deter Crime, Encourages Training – Official Version Says Other

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At a subconscious level, anything the mainstream pronounces is taken as the “official” version.

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- Got your attention? Ok .. I’ve figured out why the “mainstream” commands so much power:

The public (including you) unknowingly gives the mainstream its power, because at a subconscious level, anything the mainstream pronounces is taken as the “official” version.

Everything else then is an argument, a debating point, an alternate reality — and must compete with the mainstream “official” version for belief. The mainstream commands a win-lose from the get-go.

It is the “compared to” effect. Whatever you set up as the comparison is the automatic winner, the compare-to item is the flat-out loser. “Black people are as good as white people,” is the perfect example. It may sound fair and balanced, but its outrageous bias is obvious when you say instead, “White people are as good as black people.” The thing compared is inferior by default. But it’s a hidden bias, and slips right on through. “Female soldiers are as good as male soldiers.”

You get the point?

If the New York Times, or the TV networks or CNN, or other standard bearers of mainstream thought were to make a non-mainstream statement even once –it would become the official version. All other thought would have to be compared against it, and suffer the fate of the compared-to viewpoint.

Imagine if the Times, or the Washington Post, were to run these stories on the front page, how this would change the mindset, the paradigm, the groundwork for debate in the nation:

  • “New Study Confirms Illegal Immigration Costly, Crime Ridden,” or
  • “White House Announces Guns DO Deter Crime, Encourages Training,” or
  • “Federal Reserve is Damaging Economy, Needs Overhaul,” or
  • “Global Warming In Doubt, Carbon Effect Exaggerated,” or
  • “Experts Confirm Muslims Are At War With Western Civilization,” or
  • “Loss of Morality and Religion Increasing, Harming Nation.”

Think what that would do. The vast majority of the public understands the truth of those headlines, they would be exonerated, and would hold the high ground. The truth deniers would be backpedaling so hard they would fall and get bad boo boos.

The ACLU would have to begin an uphill campaign against those ideas, instead of the uphill battle the center-right coalition now faces. The whole texture and demeanor of the country and the debate would flip. Leftists and socialists would be on the short end of the stick, and conservatives and libertarians would gain immeasurable sway and power. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Because the mainstream is not going to voluntarily adopt these views, the best course seems to be to make them increasingly irrelevant, through reduced audience, and increased reliance on everything but them for news and views. In essence, this makes the Internet an extreme threat to the existing power structure, and we can expect it to come under increasing attack and efforts at control — taxation, filters, content edicts, privacy snooping, unfairness doctrines and non-neutrality called neutrality. My new book, Bomb Jokes at Airports, addresses these issues.

P.S. It’s not about “carbon footprint” — it’s about “carbon-dioxide footprint” — the stuff plants need to survive and thrive, a cornerstone of life, the stuff you exhale. Big difference. Remember the people selling “carbon offsets”? Write a check to them and you can take a flight without guilt, believing trees would be planted somewhere with your money? It was such an outrageous scam even when it was running full bore. Now, it is such a scam it’s almost in hiding (there are vendors on the web but little else). The gullibility (and self guilt) of some parts of the public is so huge, it suggests people should need to qualify before they can vote, or breathe.

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