Outdoor Patriot Show Expands Network with BuckForageTV.com

The Outdoor Patriot Show Expands Network with BuckForageTV.com

Outdoor Patriot Show
Outdoor Patriot Show

AUSTIN, Texas –-(Ammoland.com)- Rallying sportsmen to defend and preserve our American outdoor traditions, the Outdoor Patriot Show (www.OutdoorPatriot.com) has added BuckForageTV.com to its distribution network.

BuckForageTV.com is a central one-stop resource for online programming such as Dr. Deer Channel, Buck Forage, Ronnie Smith Outdoor Adventures, Keith Warren and other shows.

The Outdoor Patriot podcast delivers lively commentary, news and special guests that discuss important issues that threaten our American outdoor traditions. Outdoor Patriot shows are available for airing or download 24/7, 365 days a year.

“We’re very proud to add BuckForageTV.com to our online distribution of the Outdoor Patriot Show,” says John Meng, award-winning editor and host of the Outdoor Patriot Show. “Our hunting heritage is under attack every day and most sportsmen never hear about it, let alone have a chance to act upon it. BuckForageTV reaches tens of thousands of sportsmen and gives us a stronger voice in defending our American outdoor traditions.”

One of America’s newest and freshest voices speaking out for our outdoor way of life, Meng is an award-winning writer and editor, who has contributed to multiple outdoor television shows and more than 24 publications specific to the hunting and deer industries. He has also been a guest and/or guest host on several national radio shows across the country. He is president of the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing the outdoor industry and preserving our outdoor traditions through youth education and public awareness.

The Outdoor Patriot Show is available at www.OutdoorPatriot.com, BuckForageTV.com, iHuntAmerica.com, HuntingWire.com, Apple iTunes and through more than 100 other podcast directories. Plus, the Outdoor Patriot provides a steady stream of news and information through its Facebook, Twitter (www.twitter.com/outdoorpatriot) and a growing subscriber list.

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Located in Austin, Texas, the Outdoor Patriot Show is an on-line broadcast which is available at www.OutdoorPatriot.com, BuckForageTV.com, iHuntAmerica.com, HuntingWire.com, Apple iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and more than 100 podcast distribution sites. For more information on the Outdoor Patriot Show, a production of Meng & Associates Inc., call 512.331.8600 or visit www.OutdoorPatriot.com.