Introducing Tac TV on Sportsman Channel & Online

Introducing Tac TV on Sportsman Channel & Online

Tac TV
Introducing Tac TV on Sportsman Channel
Vickers Tactical

Fayetteville, NC –-( It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my latest television show, TacTV.

This new show will take a hard look at the world of defensive firearms from a design, historical and field use perspective. TacTV is the ultimate tactical guns and gear variety show with special guests on the show like Ken Hackathorn and other industry leaders.

You can watch TacTV on Sportsman Channel starting on June 27th 2011.

We know that some folks don’t have access to Sportsman Channel, so we developed a subscription based website to host TacTV episodes as well as extended episodes and bonus content you won’t see on TV. The website goes live on in the first few weeks of July and subscriptions will be approximately $10 a month or $100 for the year- well worth the money as training tips and web only content will be on the net.

Subscribers of my newsletter, will automatically bee included in a 10% off coupon for the yearly subscription to the website. Once the website goes live, we’ll send you a coupon code so that you can enjoy the show at a lower price point… my little thank you to you for being a subscriber and a fan. Not yet a Subscriber visit here to sign up:

Thanks to a lot of hard work by many people and sponsorships by great companies like my long time sponsors Blue Force Gear and Daniel Defense, alongside new, top notch sponsors like Bravo Company, Glock, Aimpoint, Wilson Combat, and Militec, this show is sure to be a success.

If you’d like a glimpse of what TacTV will look like, take a look at this Daniel Defense DDM4 torture test video that will be part of one of our upcoming episodes.

Stay Safe,

Larry Vickers
Vickers Tactical, Inc.
[email protected]

Larry Vickers is a retired career special operations soldier with 20-plus years of service to our country. A longtime 1st SFOD- Delta operational member, he was a key player in the small arms marksmanship expertise and weapons selection of that Unit. He brings a very unique set of skills to the market, and has a wide and varied background in the firearms industry. Visit

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This guy is so incredibly arrogant it makes the show unwatchable. I finally had to take it off my DVR scheduler when he kept saying stuff like only a marksman as great as him could make the Ak as accurate as an M-4. Considering he missed 1/2 the targets with BOTH guns it was just jaw dropping. Not to mention I have shot several AK's and they are actually fairly accurate.


asome show keep up the good work and thank you for your service to oure country.

Gene Feeney


Just finished watching the show with you and Rob Leatham.

GOOD STUFF, good shooting drills and other information.

Your work is excellent, keep it up!

Mike Heath

I like your shows, both old and new format. Larry is a total pro and acts like one at all times. Lose old Ken though. Hackathorn detracts from the show with his arrogance, sarcasm, and snide comments. Telling Larry he has "little girl hands" and calling him "big Lar" is very irritating. Time for the old smart ass to swagger on out to pasture and stay there. Everybody else you have had work with Larry on the shows has done a good job and acted like serious people. Otherwise, keep us the good work!