The War on Guns – Notes from the Resistance

The War on Guns – Notes from the Resistance
KBSZ’s Daily Morning Drive Time Show To Return Fire In ‘War On Guns’ First Of Its Kind In Major Market.


Scottsdale, AZ –-( A relentless campaign is being waged against the right to keep and bear arms, with gun control edicts falsely painted by ambitious politicians as needed crime-fighting tools.

These attacks against a basic right are cheered on by well-funded lobbyists and an almost universally-sympathizing mainstream media. Scottsdale-based radio station KBSZ1260 ’s new program, “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” debuts on June 13 in the7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. time slot to provide a much-needed voice to counter and refute those who demand citizen disarmament, and to argue instead for freedom.

Hosted by long-time magazine/Internet columnist and gun rights activist David Codrea , “The War on Guns” will give Scottsdale/Greater Phoenix metro -area listeners regular updates and analyses on the stories of the day, using a mix of breaking headlines, commentary and interviews.

Emerging legislative threats will be explored, as well as setbacks and victories in the continuing struggle to guard against Second Amendment infringements.

“While pro -gun programming has been around for some time, typically, on weekends, this will be the first time anyone has pioneered a show dedicated to these issues in a major market on weekdays, during the heavily-listened-to drive time period,” KBSZ station manager John Low announced.

“We have a great opportunity to spearhead an effort and expand pro-gun influence in the 15th largest market in the nation,” Low observed, “ and demonstrate how this hot-button issue will generate not only strong listener interest and participation, but also provide a long-overdue counterweight to media bias that many gun owners — estimated at over 40% of adult Americans — have been waiting for. ”

NBC 1260 reaches the 15th Aribitron-ranked market with a coverage area of over 3 million people throughout the Valley of the Sun with the only US gun format operating in morning drive.

The balance of the programming is sports talk and NBC News. The station broadcasts from its studio in Scottsdale Arizona. NBC also is unique in that it simulcasts on 1260AM and 96.1 FM. Its primary demographic is men age 25 to 54.

For more information on this story, or to schedule an interview with John Low or David Codrea,please call John Low at 650-520-6002 or email him at [email protected] .

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Gov is so far over the line, I'm amazed people aren't dropping like Russian Christians in a Stalin gulag. They gave trillions to Lloyd Blankfeins & his buddies without our permission. They renewed the Patriot Act. Obama said he'd bring all the troops home and end all the illegal wars, leading of course to Israel's object of major lust, Iran…and instead has expanded and is expanding aggression. Gov still hasn't audited the fed or Fort Knox. How can a country allow a private group to print the money with no backing, wreck us with inflation and usury…mismanage the distribution??? Feds… Read more »