Tune in to The Chase on the Pursuit Channel

Tune in to The Chase on the Pursuit Channel

Leigh Creekbaum of The Chase
Leigh Creekbaum of The Chase
The Chase
The Chase

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- If you enjoy watching exciting encounters with wildlife as well as up close and personal hunting scenes, then tune into the The Chase on the Pursuit Channel this season and tag along with Travis and Leigh Creekbaum as they pursue their love for bowhunting.

You’ll enjoy all of their adventures, but no doubt, a few will stand out, such as Leigh’s successful harvest of a massive 164-inch buck – the biggest she’s ever gotten with a bow. Leigh had actually missed the trophy buck the

previous day, but redeemed herself with a spot-on 40-yard shot.

“I took that buck a few days before Christmas, and all I can say is, Merry Christmas to me,” Leigh says.

Viewers will also no doubt enjoy the couple’s spot-and-stalk crossbow hunt for red stag in New Zealand.

“The scenery is just unbelievable,” Leigh says. “It was the trip of a lifetime, and I think our excitement comes through on the footage. I took a nice stag and Travis ended up with one even bigger.”

Leigh says one of the things that makes their show stand out among others is that they’re just normal people with full-time jobs who enjoy hunting.

“Travis is a portfolio manager and I’m a financial advisor,” Leigh says. “In addition to our jobs, we have an 18-month-old son. Somehow we manage to balance careers and family with filming a hunting show, although it can be tough. For those who think filming a hunting show is easy, I invite them to just hang out with me for a while.”

Despite the cramped schedules, the Creekbaums love what they do. They battle the elements and their busy careers to invest in their dreams filming hunts and creating The Chase with some of the best camera crews and producers in the business.

Learn more about the couple, where they’ve been hunting and about their weekly contests by checking out their Facebook page www.facebook.com/thechaselt.

The Chase airs 3rd & 4th quarter on the Pursuit Channel currently on DIRECTV’s Basic package and on Dish Network’s Basic package with nearly 42,000,000 households. Visit them online at www.thechaselt.com/ to learn more.

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