Gun For Hire Radio – New Jersey’s Only Pro-Second Amendment Talk Show

Gun For Hire Radio – New Jersey’s Only Pro-Second Amendment Talk Show

Gun For Hire Radio
Gun For Hire Radio

Belleville, NJ –-( Have you listened what the blogosphere is calling “The best new pro-second amendment and shooting related talk show out there”?

They are referring, of course, to Gun For Hire Radio – New Jersey’s first and only pro-second amendment talk show. Where we EMPOWER our listeners with KNOWLEDGE to fight for their rights.

It’s all about protecting your right to protect yourself…and your loved ones.

We simply got tired of sitting politely and silently by while the gun-ban industry uses lies and propaganda to strip away our second amendment rights. Especially here in New Jersey—on the very same soil where men fought and died to insure our right to keep and bear arms-– politicians on both side of the isle are working tirelessly to strip us of our basic right to protect our lives and the lives of our loved ones.


The truth is, we were totally blown away by how fast our audience is growing (our rebroadcast podcast alone is gaining over 3000 new subscribers a week!)

If you haven’t yet listened to the show, would you do me a personal favor and do so now?

Here’s a link to the most recent show… an Independence day special that aired on the Fourth of July.

You can listen while you work at your computer:

Or if you prefer, you can download the show to your smart phone or mp3 player. Here is the link to iTunes:

I am not going to bore you with statistics (I’ve got plenty of them if you want them… yours simply for the asking right here What I am going to do is offer you a chance to get in on the ground floor of blockbuster phenomenon… and dominate your (industry/profession) as you instantly become the “go-to” expert in your field among the tens-of-thousands of local gun owners—who are our listeners.

And best of all, I’ll reach into my own pocket and pay to have your commercial professionally written and produced. It’s like getting a $1200 free gift—just as my way of saying thanks for helping us broadcast the message of hope and freedom to gun-owners who are caught behind the ‘Second-Amendment Iron Curtain.”

But please be advised, I am only offering theses initial sponsorships to the cream of the crop and the best of the best to compliment Gun For Hire Radio.

Your investment to become part of the history-making engine that drives New Jersey gun-owners into second-amendment limelight and to gain you fame and fortune among our listeners (already well over 15,000 local gun-owners and growing at about 3000 a week) is less than what you’d pay for a daily Starbucks run! Now how ya gonna beat that?

Please take a listen to your most recent episode, and then come join us in making history.

Here’s the link again. Turn up the volume on your speakers and click the link below:

Stand Strong “Sto Validus”

CEO / Master Training Counselor & Capitalist Marksman
888-Gun-For-Hire (486-3674) ext: 1

Gun For Hire Radio –

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s. Akins

Hi guys, I only recently discovered your radio show and now I listen to it all the time. I'm a federal LEO living in S. Jersey. I carry my weapon off duty under H.R.218/S.1132. I totally disagree with NJ's stance on gun control. Only the law biding citizens are being denied their constutional rights due to this state crazy laws. I know that if I were not a cop I would not be able to carry in NJ.

Frank Fiamingo

I can tell you that I have personally listened to all five podcasts and I am looking forward to the next one. Sandy and Anthony are clever and informative, not to mention hilarious (I thought I told you not to mention hilarious*).

*note – for those of you who did not get the reference – you are too young.