Is Rick Perry A Wolf Or A Sheep?

Is Rick Perry A Wolf Or A Sheep?

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching the various Republican Presidential candidates struggle to claim the mantle of “Constitutional Conservative” with some trepidation.

But who, among the candidates, actually supports our Constitutional rights?

Let me tell you, it’s easy to be sucked in by the latest fad candidate — beloved by the talking heads on TV and radio. Remember that the “beautiful people” in the establishment, political class lie to us for a reason.

They want our support, and will do or say anything to keep it, all the while continuing to protect the apparatus of state that provides them with power.

This is an important lesson for gun owners, who are perpetually the target of Big Government, anti-liberty advocates.

Take Texas Governor Rick Perry for example. From the fawning adulation he’s received from “conservatives” in the media over his flirtation with entering the Presidential race, you’d think he was the second coming of John Wayne, Ronald Reagan and John Galt all put together.

The political establishment doesn’t want to let the truth get in the way of a good story — or “political narrative,” as the hacks call it.

Despite the veneer of “conservative” and “liberty” language that Perry uses, his patronage by the Big Government Bush family and his record tell a completely different story.

In response to the outrageous invasions of privacy by the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA), liberty-loving conservatives in Texas were trying to outlaw TSA’s “grope-or-radiate” airport security policy — a clear government assault on your rights.

The policy requires all those traveling by air to submit either to physical pat-downs, which are little more than government sponsored sexual assaults, or invasive and radiation-heavy, semi-pornographic body scans.

There is no question that blocking the use of the “grope-or-radiate” security policy is the right thing to do; heck, even the executive director of the Texas Republican Party pleaded with Perry for passage of the bill.

However, Governor Perry and his stooges in the Texas Legislature decided to play political games with your freedom.

An open record request shows that in a few short days, Governor Perry received over 10,000 e-mails and letters insisting he support the legislation to rein in the TSA. He received only 13 letters in favor of keeping the radiation scanners.

Despite the overwhelming support, Perry delayed.

Taking a page out of the establishment playbook, he claimed that there was a lack of “consensus,” knowing full well all he had to do was delay long enough for the legislative session to end.

Instead of standing up for the liberties and privacy of the people of Texas, Governor Perry and his Big Government accomplices waited until the last day of the session to bring the legislation to the floor, assuring it wouldn’t have enough time to pass both chambers.

Despite intentionally delaying the bill and instructing his accomplices in the Texas Legislature to repeatedly try to poison the bill with amendments, Perry continues to tell everyone on the national stage that he supported the bill.

This is a prime of example of how establishment politicians like Governor Perry try to dupe citizens like you and me. On the one hand they claim to be liberty-minded conservatives, while at the same time, fighting to protect and expand the power of government behind the closed doors of the legislature.

Why does this matter? It's simple.

Gun rights activists MUST oppose ANY attempts by the Federal government to usurp liberty in the name of safety, because ultimately, that same power will be used to ban or greatly restrict gun owners and gun ownership.

Perry and company managed to manipulate the system so that every member could cast a vote in support of the pro-liberty bill — and clean their skirts with the voters at home — without the fear that it might actually pass and limit the authority of government.

This sort of establishment calculation is designed specifically to provide cover to weak politicians who can go home to their districts and tell their constituents that they voted the “right” way — and the beast that is our government continues to grow.

To help cut through the political double speak, my staff has sent a gun rights survey to every announced Republican candidate for President. The survey was written in such a way to cut through the colorful language of the campaign trail and get to the truth about what the candidates believe about your right to keep and bear arms.

As the surveys are returned — or NOT returned in some cases — I will be sure to let YOU know the truth about where the Presidential candidates stand on Second Amendment issues.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

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  • 10 thoughts on “Is Rick Perry A Wolf Or A Sheep?

    1. Hi Dudley,

      I read with interest your words about our Governor Rick Perry. I think some other words need to be said here in defense of this man. I mostly only follow politics with respect to Gun Rights, because I think it tells you all you need to know about a man's character.

      The situation you described was not precisely accurate, Perry is not the bad guy here. The TSA anti-groping bill was scheduled to pass during the regular session, until a threatening letter came from the Federal Government saying that if the law was enacted they would shut down all flights leaving and entering Texas. That made enough legislators nervous that the bill ended up not being passed in regular session. Only the Governor can call for a special session at the end of regular business, and Perry did that. Once again the issue of the anti-groping law was brought up at Perry's direction, and once again enough legislators walked out of the meeting that no quorum was possible. The law did not pass. I don't think Governor Perry deserves all the blame, or maybe not any of the blame.

      Governor Rick Perry has been very good about the gun laws in Texas, making constant little changes here and there to give us more freedom in every case. I venture to say that NO other state governor has done more, or even nearly as much to support Gun Rights and fight against gun control and stupid gun laws. In this sense you can't do better than Rick Perry. He carries concealed and shot a coyote a few months ago when it threatened to attack his dog during his morning run. People entering the Capitol Building in Austin go through a metal detector UNLESS they show their Concealed Carry License, then they may pass straight through. Where else do you get that kind of consideration? That's because Rick Perry wants it that way!

      Now I do not claim that he is the absolute perfect person, there will probably always be disagreements—–it's politics, after all. And I don't say that he would be a perfect president and better than others, I just can't know that. I know I vote for him because I mostly agree with him about his responsibilities, especially guns, and I think he has a quality that you just can't buy—-he's lucky! Things work out for him, even when you think they may not. The people of Texas appreciate what he's done by re-electing him by big majorities. He's the only governor in the history of Texas to have been elected to a third term. I could say more………

      So now you have some facts plus my opinions. I hope you will choose to share the other side of Rick Perry with your readers.

      Thanks, and regards,

      Bob Brayley

      Kerrville Texas

    2. As the governor of Texas, if he signs a bill to stop the TSA groping, the airlines could refuse to land in Texas (causing great harm to the Texas economy and inconveniencing its citizens) and the federal government would bring a lot of heat down on Texas forcing the Governor to spend a lot of Texas taxpayer money to defend the action in the courts. Think of Arizona and its expenses trying to defend their illegal alien law against the feds

      If he becomes President of the US, however, he would control both Homeland Security and TSA as the President appoints the heads of both. He could change the policy at the airport for the whole country and it won’t cost Texans a dime. I don’t know if he’s actually thinking that way, and I have no idea if he’s even running for President, but that’s what I'm thinking.

    3. Yes James, my personal rights, and my neighbors personal rights and the personal rights of some schmuck on the other side of the country that I will never meet are vastly more important than "security" theater.

      We have the more secure and efficient method in operation already and it works. Every terrorist act attempted since 9/11 has been met by active resistance on the part of the intended victims.

      DHS hasn't caught a real threat despite the number of lifetimes they have wasted keeping millions of people waiting in lines, or the number of grandmothers they have humiliated and groped. They have not made anyone safer and convincing people like you to depend totally on someone else for your "security" only increases the danger.

    4. Can we rein ourselves in a minute and stay on mission? The point is airport, airline, passenger security, right? Until we develope a more secure, efficent method…what's the problem? Are "your" personal rights greater than the security? BTW..the Bad guys are listening too and I am sure they agree we should abandon the present method of security. Let's stay focused on the subject…..

    5. There are two Constitutional Conservatives running this year:

      1) Ron Paul

      2) Gary Johnson

      All the rest are pretenders, grandstanders and liars.

      Paul is probably the better choice. He has a long track record of consistent defense of the Constitution. He also has a broader support network and better name recognition. At this point, his campaign is #2 in contributions behind romney with over $4.5 million. Philosophically, I don't know of any significant differences in their positions and I believe either would be a better choice for president than any other candidate – not just for this election but for any presidential election going back decades.

      In addition, Ron Paul has the advantage of being WAY out ahead of the rest of the field in terms of prescience. As far back as 2002, he was warning about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Housing bubble. He was publicly scoffed at by other Republican candidates for suggesting that the National Debt would result in rough economic times (something he has been predicting for 30 years). He ran on getting out of the illegal wars, bringing the troops home, slashing spending, shrinking government. In 2011, the rest of the field is echoing Ron Paul of 2008 and scrambling to catch up.

      Other pluses: Ron Paul is a medical doctor who never turned away a patient and never took a dime of medicare or medicaid money. He's not in the pocket of any lobbyists. (Lobbyists know to simply avoid his office.) His fiscal conservatism includes the operation of his own office – every year he's returned money to the treasury. He doesn't take advantage of congressional "junkets", and even refuses to take part in he lucrative congressional retirement system. Unlike most other candidates, Paul has predicted the current problems with governmental economic policy warning that the "stimulus" was doomed to fail – and to actually make matters worse. He's written books on the economy.

      This is principled, conservative leadership at its best and will be a serious blow to our country if we are not wise enough to vote Paul or Johnson into office.

      And incidentally, Ron Paul outpolls Perry in Texas.

      Johnson has a proven track record of taking the hard, but Constitutional approach to government. Just as Paul is nicknamed "Dr. No" because of his votes against unconstitutional bills, so Johnson is nicknamed, "Governor Veto" for veto of HALF of all bills presented by the New Mexico legislature in his first six months in office. His method included asking of each bill introduced, "whether government should be involved" in the matter at all. He was successful in reducing the rate of government growth in New Mexico. He has a reputation of improving schools and cutting taxes and spending.

      If you don't hear much about either of these candidates, ask yourself why. One answer I wills suggest is that monied interests feed on tax money at the government trough. Electing a Constitutional candidate might put an end to that money pipeline. Then ask yourself, "Who controls the press?" Well over 90% is in the hands of just six companies.

    6. Forgot to add Ron Paul supports a NO COMPROMISE stance on the 2A.

      Has as introduced legislation to repeal part of the 68 GCA in the past and deserves our support.

    7. Rick Perry ran Al Gores presidential campaign efforts in Texas!

      That’s right RICK PERRY was in Al Gores stable but became a republican at the behest of Karl Rove.

      We need to repeal gun control laws not support new ones.

      The worst thing we can do is in the name of being tough on crime is to capitulate and support reasonable gun control measures

      Are you listening NRA that means when Obama unveils his new gun control schemes NO DEALS!


    8. I meant to say the TRANS-TEXAS corridor fiasco, the anti-VD shots for 13 year old girls w/o parental consent, etc. Sorry for the confusion; bad day.

    9. Texans have known this for years; i.e., The Texas Texas fiasco, the shots for 13 year olds, and many other fiascos. He is not trusted by most Texans! He plays to the audiences..

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