Introducing the IWOM Hunting Parka System

Introducing the IWOM Hunting Parka System

Mossy Oak
Mossy Oak

STATE COLLEGE, PA –-( Hunters know that often the only thing less predictable than their prey is the weather.

Many an unprepared hunter has had to abandon the hunt due to a rapid drop in temperature or rain.

Don’t be one of the unfortunate who gets caught out in the cold. Instead, depend on the IWOM for whatever Mother Nature dishes out.

Standing for Inner Warmth and Outer Mobility, the IWOM transitions from a hands-free carry bag to a parka, to a fully deployed waterproof, breathable garment designed for sitting or standing in the most frigid of temperatures. Within seconds the IWOM unwraps to a full waterproof breathable parka, giving you unmatched mobility in any given hunting situation. For ultimate protection, just release the tubular section from the waistband and zip close to cover your legs as well.

No matter the conditions, the IWOM will keep you dry while maintaining the perfect temperature inside. With features like an integrated microfleece head net and facemask and a step-in and zip-close bottom panel, you can stay completely enclosed from head to toe. Best of all, it doesn’t compromise your mobility. You can easily shoot a gun or draw a bow while wearing the IWOM. This lightweight and portable garment adapts itself to your hunting environment.

The IWOM wraps up neatly in its own integrated carry bag that allows hands-free portability eliminating the need for hunters to wear insulated outwear while walking long distances to their favorite hunting spot.

The future of warmth is here. Give yourself the ultimate in Inner Warmth and Outer Mobility – IWOM. For more information, log on to

IWOM produces official licensed products of Mossy Oak/ Haas Outdoors Inc. Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., was established in 1986 and is home of Mossy Oak ( Mossy Oak specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoorsmen. Mossy Oak patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the outdoor industry leader in modern camouflage design, international licensing and marketing. Haas Outdoors Inc. markets its services and products under widely recognized brands including: Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Mossy Oak Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries and Mossy Oak Properties.

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Do you have this available in an overall that a man could be mobile in ?