North American Hunting Club Partners with ScoutLook Weather

North American Hunting Club Partners with ScoutLook Weather

ScoutLook Weather
North American Hunting Club Partners with ScoutLook Weather
North American Hunting Club
North American Hunting Club

MINNETONKA, MN –-( The North American Hunting Club (NAHC) has partnered with ScoutLook Weather to offer a unique NAHC/ScoutLook Weather widget, which can be publicly accessed directly from the homepage of

The new widget offers a seamless connection to ScoutLook’s new comprehensive hunting weather forecast tool.

“When the NAHC expressed their desire to have ScoutLook build a specialized weather widget for, we were honored,” said Cy Weichert, co-founder of ScoutLook Weather.

“Our mission at ScoutLook is to help hunters plan better for their outings by integrating all of the weather and field-based information they use for planning into a single resource with accuracy to the exact treestand, duck blind, elk wallow or other place they plan to hunt.”

ScoutLook’s free hunting forecast tool includes solunar times, lunar phase info, hourly barometric pressure, temperature, wind activity, precipitation and more. Perhaps most notable is ScoutLook’s unique ScentCone Wind Map, which allows big game hunters to mark stand locations and forecast wind speed and direction for a 72-hour period.

“We [NAHC] continually strive to deliver cutting-edge hunting resources to our members, especially online,” said Bill Miller, executive director of the NAHC. “Weather is important to hunters, so we’re extremely pleased to work with ScoutLook to provide hunting-specific weather information directly through”

For more information about the North American Hunting Club, visit; call Josh Dahlke at 952-352-7037; or e-mail him at [email protected]

The North American Hunting Club (NAHC) is the premier community for hunters and hard-core outdoor enthusiasts. North American Hunter is the official publication of the North American Hunting Club.

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I think it is time for someone with some legitimate clout to look into this. I would suggest contacting Congressman or Senator to start an investigation of this so-called club. Been a life member since 1996 and they think they can just disappear with our money in their pockets. I say, not so fast partner. Will be contacting someone on the Federal level as this is where it needs to go.

Kelly D. Nathe

What has happened to the club? Life time membership and no magazine. Whats the deal? Phone numbers disconnected and everything. Life time member number 25366 since 8/83.

Steve W Abercrombie

I am a life member and have not received a magazine from them in years. My card might be around here somewhere but I have not seen it lately. I still have my life member stickers. Do you want me to send them back? sincerely Steve W Abercrombie