Obama’s Gun Proliferation Strategy

Obama’s Gun Proliferation Strategy

Barack Obama, Felipe Calderon
President-elect Barack Obama meets with Mexico's President Felipe Calderon in Washington, Monday, Jan. 12, 2009. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, New Jersey -(Ammoland.com)- The firearms industry is experiencing another banner year of firearms sales.

It seems like guns are flying off the retailers shelves at a steady pace and the firearms manufactures have one person to thank for the brisk firearms sales, President Obama. Who is in a better position then the United States government to subsidize the United States firearms manufacturing industry?

We now know that political appointee of the Obama administration , Dennis Burke, The US Attorney in Arizona has been implicated in coordination and the proliferation of firearms into Mexico supposedly using the DEA and FBI to fund and aid in the illegal sale of firearms to straw purchasers who then breached the Mexican border. I know how outrageous this accusation sounds so, read the letter sent from Senator Grassley of Iowa and Darrell Issa, U.S. House of Representatives to Attorney General Eric Holder.

International illegal firearms trafficking is a serious business. The Obama administration has been very vocal with a concentrated media blitz over the last 24 months exposing the devastating results caused by firearms being illegally exported into Mexico further inflaming the drug cartel violence. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and several other administration officials have been on the bully pulpit pushing the administration message that the United States gun laws must change to reduce the violence in Mexico.

The presidential media campaign included ridiculous statements implicating southern state firearms retailers as reckless hillbillies who were directly responsible for the mass murders and indiscriminate slaughter of the poor peasant class of Mexico by deliberately selling automatic weapons to drug cartels. All the claims made in their media blitz are now easily debunked, or are they?

It would be difficult to refute the mass murders reported in Mexican news outlets actually took place in Mexico. Its been well documented that there have been weapons who’s origin was a firearms retailer located in the United States used in some of the recent murders in Mexico. And much to the horror of the American public it was Barack Obama’s administration knowingly funded and aided in the illegal firearms sales with the intention of transferring the firearms to known organized criminals in Mexico.

The only thing left to figure out is why a President of the United States would allow his administration to fund and conduct an illegal international firearms trafficking operation while simultaneously using the media to coordinate an anti firearms message to the American public.

There are some Mexican government official who are pushing their own government to enforce their sovereignty and prosecute those who have aided the cartels in building their weapons cache. Mexican citizens should be angry and they have every right to demand proper justice in this international scandal.

Would President Obama risk destabilizing the elected Mexican government by transferring firearms to the Mexican governments greatest rival the Mexican Drug Cartels all so that he could champion the Brady Campaign Anti 2nd amendment agenda? How does President Obama benefit from a highly unstable southern United States border racked with violence created by his own administration?  There are many unanswered questions regarding this scandal.

The American people deserve a full explanation of this operation, and should expect to find out all the peoples involved in this operation with special detail paid to the motivation behind the administrations proliferation of firearms to the Mexican Drug Cartels. A public apology should be demanded and even reparations for Mexican citizens who have been killed by firearms that can be traced to the administrations operation.

This is a full blown scandal. There is an obvious attempt by the Presidents administration to cover up their illegal activities. This administration has blood on their hands and has exhibited conduct that has shamed the American people, I only hope we can find away to restore our countries credibility with our neighbors and the world community.

Hat tip: Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller

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Now there are Two (2) Scandals

1. The original ATF Gunrunner scandal that killed 100's of Mexicans, American law enforcement, Destroyed millions in property and placed at jeopardy the security of our international neighbors.
2. And now the Cover Up by the ATF, DOJ and Obama Administration