Take a New Person Shooting

Take a New Person Shooting
By Greg Trojan

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-(Ammoland.com)- So many people do not have easy access to a place to shoot that you could almost think there was some plan to make it that way, oh wait.

Our second 4th of July learn to shoot turned into a two day event by combining a camp out with shooting ( a few first time campers also).

This weekend five women and two men 17 to mid 50’s came out to my backyard range to give it a try, none of them are regular shooters and some had not touched a gun in 30 plus years.

After the safety rules are covered along with some history about the British confiscating arms in 1775 Boston Mass, our shooters got a short lesson on the different type of guns they would be firing. The whole event is kept low key and easy going, with my daughter and I doing most of the reloading so our new shooters can just concentrate on having fun.

Everyone started out with a 22 auto or revolver Saturday evening and even the one woman that did not think she would be able to hold a gun was putting rounds on target before long.

We use a mix of targets to keep it interesting and the “Shoot NC” targets work well for the first timers as they get instant feed back on their point of aim. Balloons, clay pigeons tin cans and paper targets round out the selection. The braver ones moved up to 9mm, 40 S&W or 38 Special before it was time to put up the tents.

Sunday morning after my daughter took her friends out berry picking we continued with a review of the safety rules and the addition of rifles in the mix. Five of our new shooters took to the AR15 like they were in the Corp. until we ran out of .223.

Throughout our time shooting, a lot of questions were asked about the different types of guns and ammo along with discussions on who can carry and why they should were covered. I think everyone went away with a lot less fear of those scary guns, a better understanding of the 2nd and all had some fun.

Hopefully seven more have been converted to supporters and will remember their experience the next time they encounter the anti’s baloney.

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