Virginia Citizens Defense League 2011 Candidate Surveys Out Now

Virginia Citizens Defense League 2011 Candidate Surveys Out Now

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( The VCDL 2011 Candidate Survey was mailed to all the candidates for Virginia Senate and House of Delegates in the upcoming Party nominating processes (Primary, Mass Meeting, Convention, etc) to be held over the next month.

Please contact *all* the candidates in *YOUR* District by BOTH email AND phone:

THANK the candidates who answered the VCDL Candidate survey for responding (those with a double asterisk (**) before their name) — Politely, but firmly, urge those candidates who have not answered to answer the VCDL Survey

Don’t accept vague generalizations such as “the candidate supports the 2nd Amendment”. Remember, anti-gun zealot Chuck Schumer says he supports the 2nd Amendment, but his view is that it does NOT apply to you.

Not sure what District you’re in? Your district may have changed due to redistricting. (Mine did!) You can find out at: (Only your address info is required on this form.)

If any of the candidates are afraid to take a public stand on these issues now, before the election, then they are unlikely to be very responsive to your views after the election. There is absolutely NO reason why they should not answer this survey!

Failure to return a completed survey frequently indicates indifference, if not outright hostility, toward the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Find out what their real positions are by politely and firmly insisting that they complete the VCDL survey and send it in immediately. If they have misplaced their survey, have them contact me at [email protected] and I’ll email them another copy.

Thanks for your help!

Below is the contact information I have for the candidates. Those with a asterisk (**) before their name have already answered the VCDL candidate survey.

If you live in one of the districts below, please contact the campaigns of each candidate in your district by BOTH email AND phone. Urge those candidates who haven’t responded to answer the VCDL Candidate survey.


& Party Candidate Phone Email
—— ——————- ————- ——————————-
03-R ** Mark Frechette 804-684-1870 [email protected]
03-R Tommy Norment 757-259-7810 [email protected]
13-R ** Dick Black 703-406-2951 [email protected]
13-R ** Bob FitzSimmonds 703-851-2990 [email protected]
13-R ** John Stirrup 571-248-2666 [email protected]
21-R Tripp Godsey 540-397-1051 [email protected]
21-R Dave Nutter 540-382-7731 [email protected]
22-R Brian Bates 434-547-9670 [email protected]
22-R ** Tom Garrett 540-223-3295 [email protected]
22-R Mark Peake [email protected]
22-R Bryan Rhode 804-310-2086 [email protected]
22-R Claudia Tucker 434-277-5059 [email protected]
30-D Adam Ebbin 703-739-4330 [email protected]
30-D Elizabeth Garvey 571-312-7260 [email protected]
30-D Rob Krupicka 571-228-8314 [email protected]
31-D Jaime Areizaga-Soto 571-306-1438 [email protected]
31-D Barbara Favola [email protected]
36-R ** Jeff Frederick 571-210-2036 [email protected]
36-R Tito Muñoz 571-316-5565 [email protected]
37-R ** Steve Hunt 703-502-0633 [email protected]
37-R Jason Flanary 703-493-0484
39-R Miller Baker 571-455-3055 [email protected]
39-R ** Scott Martin 703-627-4719 [email protected]
39-R Andre Muange 571-318-1623 [email protected]


& Party Candidate Phone Email
—— —————- ———— ——————————-
10-R ** Randy Minchew 703-929-4857 [email protected]
10-R ** Cara Townsend 703-347-2611 [email protected]
10-R ** John Whitbeck 703-477-8476 [email protected]
18-R ** Kevin Kelley 703-283-3548 [email protected]
18-R ** Michael Webert 703-906-4667 [email protected]
49-D Stephanie Clifford 703-920-2517 [email protected]
49-D Alfonso Lopez 571-241-5840 [email protected]
59-D Connie Brennan 434-263-4690 [email protected]
59-D Jasper Hendricks 434-632-8683 [email protected]
59-R Matt Fariss 434-660-0606 [email protected]
59-R Evans Thomas 434-610-3221 [email protected]
64-R Richard Morris 757-291-0217 [email protected]
64-R Joseph Waymack 804-720-1987 [email protected]
87-R ** Jo-Ann Chase 571-258-7468 [email protected]
87-R ** David Ramadan 703-945-1741 [email protected]
90-D Algie Howell [email protected]
90-D Rick James
98-R Sherwood Bowditch 804-832-5860 [email protected]
98-R Ken Gibson 804-684-0760 [email protected]
98-R Keith Hodges 804-694-5815 [email protected]
98-R ** Catesby Jones 804-695-1314 x222 [email protected]
99-R John Lampmann 804-366-4445 [email protected]
99-R Margaret Ransone 804-493-8484 [email protected]
99-R Dean Sumner


Party Designators: D = Democrat R = Republican

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit: