Wisconsin Constitutional Carry – The Next Steps

Wisconsin Constitutional Carry – The Next Steps

Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- As you now know, On Friday July 8, 2011, Wisconsin joined the ranks of the other 48 concealed carry states.

That’s the good news. The bad news is, the strings attached to this new law are too serious to ignore.

But I wanted to wait a couple days before sending you this note – just long enough to allow the compromisers to show their true colors.

And to tell you that before you go out and pop the cork on that expensive bottle of champagne, I’m crashing the party by letting you know the truth: The law that was rammed through by the institutional gun lobby is fraught with problems. Big problems.

And to let you know we’re not buying the empty promises by republicans that they have any intention of removing the anti-gun restrictions they themselves injected into it … or to continue fighting for Constitutional Carry.

I hope they prove me wrong.

But I’m not holding my breath. In fact, I expect nothing but more excuses and lies.

For starters, anti-gun police bureaucrats have much reason to celebrate the passage of this law. That’s because it creates a statewide registration list of those who apply for a license to carry a handgun.

That list is maintained by the Department of Justice (DOJ)- an agency that exists to investigate and prosecute criminals.

But the real question isn’t whether creating a government watch list of gun owners is a bad idea. It’s always a bad idea.

Gun owner registration always leads to gun confiscation and abuses of power.

  • Do you support gun owner registration? This expanded role for the Department of Justice is an expansion of government.
  • Do you support bigger government? The law imposes an additional background check fee – a new gun tax.
  • Do you support more taxes? The bill requires you to undergo yet another offensive guilty-until-proven innocent background check.
  • Do you relish being treated like a criminal, constantly needing to prove your innocence? Didn’t you pass a background check when you bought your handgun?
  • The bill also retains the ominous 1,000-foot “Gun Free School Zone” penalties. Will you unintentionally wander into one of these zones and find yourself prosecuted as a felon, to lose your guns forever?

It’s not my job to dissuade you from getting a permit. In fact, the manner in which you choose to arm yourself is your business and your decision alone.

But I do believe there’s an obligation to make sure you have all the facts – information NOT being conveyed by the establishment gun lobby.

The most important question is, can we continue the fight to pass Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin?

Can passage of permit-to-carry be the momentum needed to move Wisconsin to Constitutional Carry?

I say we can. But I need to know if you agree … and if you’ll join me in that fight.

I’m already hearing all the compromisers in Madison tell us to shut up and “go away, we just gave you your carry bill” just as we predicted they would. Sadly, many will listen to them.

But not you. And not me. And not thousands of activists all across Wisconsin who are angry the big-government neoconservatives of the republican party threw in the towel before the anti-gunners even lifted a finger.

Make no mistake: The anti-gunners never had a chance to oppose Constitutional Carry … because the anti-gun republicans did all their work for them.

Constitutional Concealed Carry was killed by state republicans … not by anti-gunners.

So I want to challenge you to join with us to demand state legislators keep their promise and keep moving toward Constitutional Carry.

I truly believe we will succeed in moving from a permit-to-carry system in Wisconsin to a system dictated by principles of freedom.

Together we will ensure that Constitutional Concealed Carry is passed in Wisconsin.

Remember, Constitutional Carry was pushed by the grassroots – by members of WGO and Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty – further than anyone thought possible.

Even the institutional gun lobby was forced to give lip service to it.

The challenge before us now is to ensure the promise of state republicans and so-called pro-gun lobbyists isn’t allowed to slip quietly away in the night.

  • Will you pass this note to your friends and family?
  • Will you make sure your WGO membership is active so we can mobilize you in this battle?
  • Will you make a contribution of any amount so we have the resources to fight?

Please let me know right away what you can do to help.

In Liberty,
Corey Graff
Executive Director

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