A Modern Day Version of Paul Revere

A Modern Day Version of Paul Revere
By Anthony P Mauro, Sr (c) 2011

Animal Rights Attacking Hunters
The fanaticism of our adversaries and the encouragement of a complicit and supportive media are hard at work gnawing away, inch-by-inch, at our freedoms to fish, hunt and practice conservation.
Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Conservation Corner w/ Anthony P. Mauro, Sr

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- It is said that parents are the bones on which children gnaw to sharpen their teeth.

And it is my experience that we who fish, hunt, and practice conservation, make allowances for our wayward adversaries to do the same.

I speak specifically of our acceptance of the encroachments of animal rights extremism and the damaging actions of preservationists.

It is not the divine doctrine of “turning the other cheek” that leads us to accommodate our aggressors, or some different form of benevolence; the cause is indifference.

This indulgence is a peculiar aspect of our humanity. That we would allow any extremist, not just those who practice the religion of animal rights or preservation, to execute a campaign to alter our way of life without the slightest measure of our own rebellion seems contrary to survival instinct.

What peculiar aspect of the human psyche allows us to be indifferent to losing the things we love; such as fishing, hunting, healthy forests and waters?

Has our discomfort with acknowledging fanaticism caused us to over-medicate with doses of denial?

It is a rare gravestone that is inscribed with the words “This man died while allowing others to gnaw at the edges of the things he treasured, until their progress consumed his very heart.” It is a rare inscription indeed, but one that could be found far and wide if kind dedications to the dearly departed were replaced with honest ones.

You may be asking yourself, “Why the fuss, Mauro? What is the point of all this?” And I would respond, “I hear the calling of a modern day Paul Revere. He cries, the gnawing is coming, the gnawing is coming… it approaches the heart of the things we treasure!”

The question to be answered is whether we will respond with a revolution similar to that inspired by the warnings of Revere, or will we deal with these encroachments with our usual indifference? Will we begrudgingly accept the gnawing of fanatics who would deprive us of our freedom to enjoy the things we value or will we respond with a call to arms?

In 1775 the colonists responded to the loss of their freedoms (taxation without representation) with a call to arms. The odds of success were stacked against them. They had everything to lose in a battle to keep the Kingdom of Great Briton from gnawing at their valued way of life; their farms, homes, businesses, wealth, and even the state of their well-being. They accepted the charge of treason that came with uprising, along with the consequence – execution.

On the other hand, to protect our freedoms to fish, hunt and practice conservation we put none of our creature comforts, or our very lives, at risk.

After all, what great sacrifice is there in writing a letter, sending an email, or making a phone call?

We certainly do not imperil our homes, businesses or the security of our families, nor is it remotely entertained as a treasonous act. It looks to me that the greatest danger is a insufferable attack of separation anxiety between us and the nattering TV.

The fanaticism of our adversaries and the encouragement of a complicit and supportive media are hard at work gnawing away, inch-by-inch, at our freedoms to fish, hunt and practice conservation. They industriously invest in New Jersey’s political machine, while pandering to public prejudices, promoting half-truths, and inventing propaganda as if they were based on scientific principle instead of an acute form of neurosis. Their fervor prevents them from understanding that their actions subvert the good that conservation does for our natural environment.

Indifference is a disease that afflicts all of us but it is the chronic kind that is the cause our undoing. There are times and things that are worthy of our indifference but it is counterproductive to wholly rely on it as a rule-of-thumb. The medicine devised to heal indifference is quantities of involvement. We can begin with a small dose and sign up to the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance “Action Alert” email system. These alerts contain state-of-affairs alerts about fishing, hunting and conservation in New Jersey, and actions we can take to protect and advance these things we love.

Just ask to be added to the NJOA “Action Alert” by emailing me directly: [email protected] Or ask others to join by forwarding my email address.

Consider the “Action Alert” a modern day version of Paul Revere, and yes, “The gnawing is coming, the gnawing is coming…”

Color The Green Movement Blue
Color The Green Movement Blue

Anthony P. Mauro, Sr, (also known as “Ant” to friends and associates) is Chairman and co-founder of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance.

In addition to NJOA, Ant’s commitment to the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and stewardship for the environment helped to found the New Jersey Angling & Hunting Conservation Caucus. The NJAHC is the first outdoor caucus of its kind in New Jersey and is designed to educate opinion leaders and policy makers of the principles of conservation and the benefits that confer to the state’s wildlife and ecology.

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Ant is an international big game hunter and avid conservationist. He has authored two books on conservation and hunting, including “Color The Green Movement Blue“.