Action Target Releases Training Videos

Action Target Releases Training Videos

Action Target

Provo, Utah –-( This week Action Target will release the first of five training videos featuring world champion shooter Rob Leatham.

The videos will feature instruction from Rob and drills he uses in his own training.

Each video will focus on a specific type of steel target in Action Target’s “PT” steel target line. The first video will feature drills and skills Rob practices with the PT Plate Rack. Subsequent videos in later weeks will emphasize how to train with other steel targets like the PT Static and PT Dueling Tree.

“The cool thing about these videos is that they really are training videos and not some promotional piece where we only talk about Action Target.” said David Mathis, Marketing Director at Action Target. “Rob shows you some of the drills he uses in his own practice, and explains the purpose and relevance of each one.”

Filmed last year at Rob’s home range, the Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club in Mesa, AZ, the videos will be hosted on Action Target’s YouTube page for all to view. The skills discussed are intended to help anyone interested in increasing their skill with a pistol, whether they are law enforcement, casual shooters, or a serious competition shooter.

“Working with Rob on this was a great experience and it really showed his level of skill. Except for one or two drills later in the day when we were all hot and tired, all of the drills you see were done with one take. Rob is just that good.” added Mathis. “And his level of understanding of the mechanics and what is going on while you are shooting matches his shooting ability.”

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About Rob Leatham:
Rob began shooting in the late 70’s and soon became of the top shooters to watch at the local and then national level competitions. He now holds 24 national titles, including 16 consecutive years as the Single-Stack National Champion, and 5 world titles. He has been a professional shooter for over 20 years and shoots for Springfield Armory and Safariland. When Rob is not competing he is a sought after firearms instructor for Law Enforcement and Military.

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