Firearms Training, 1911’s & Gunsite on Down Range TV n Radio #226

Firearms Training, 1911’s & Gunsite on Down Range TV n Radio #226

Down Range TV
Down Range TV

Howard, KS –-( Firearms Training, the good, the bad and the ugly. Down Range Radio: This week Michael wades into the current Internet discussion on firearms training… the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is a must listen podcast about the individual need for training and what you should prioritize when looking for shooting classes. If you are one of those looking for the hottest and newest tacticool school out there, then you should listen to this first. On our show page we also give a list of recommended books about training. LISTEN HERE…

DRTV Weekly: Gunsite, Jeff Cooper and the Model 1911
Jason TurnerGunsite celebrated the anniversary of the 1911 earlier this year and they will repeat this again on September 26 -30. Michael Bane sat down with Gunsite’s owner and operations manager Buz Mills to talk about the Model 1911, the Gunsite Academy and founder Colonel Jeff Cooper. Buz Mills is also one of the guest on season 1 of Gun Stories and its first episode of the season is also about the Model 1911. Part 2 of this interview will be published later this month. WATCH VIDEO…

Gun Stories: The Model 1911 (Rerun)
Gun StoriesWe have all been taught the importance of people like Eli Whitney, Thomas Edison… even Bill Gates. But there is one man’s invention that was so influential, after 100 years it is still considered the standard by which all others are measured. And it is the blueprint for virtually all other designs in its class.
The man’s name was John Moses Browning. And his invention was the Model 1911 Automatic Pistol. WATCH TRAILER…

The Best Defense Survival: The Best of Season 3
Best Defense SurvivalIn episode 7 of season 3: We bring you the best from this season based on feedback from our viewers. As a companion show to the hit program MidwayUSA’s The Best Defense, the survival edition of the series travels the United States visiting military and civilian training centers to educate the viewer through life-threatening scenarios. WATCH TRAILER…

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