Fisher Space Pen Unveils Line Of Ammunition Cartridge Pens

Fisher Space Pen Co. Unveils Line Of Ammunition Cartridge Pens
Ready, Aim, WRITE!

Fisher Space Pen Co. 338 Ammunition Cartridge Pens
Fisher Space Pen Co. 338 Ammunition Cartridge Pens
Fisher Space Pen Co
Fisher Space Pen Co.

BOULDER CITY, Nev. –-( Why sweat bullets when you could write with one?

Fisher Space Pen Co. today unveiled its line of “Space Pen” made from original ammunition cartridges.

From the maker of the pen that went to the Moon, the .375 Cartridge Space Pen and the .338 Cartridge Space Pen join the full line of writing instruments known worldwide for their ability to work in any environment.

The .375 Cartridge Space Pen uses a genuine .375 H&H Mag shell case as a major component of the pen’s body. The .338 Cartridge Space Pen consists of an actual .338 LAPUA Mag shell case. This particular cartridge was used in a sniper rifle originally created for the U.S. Marine Corps in 1982 to hit targets 1,500 meters away.

“Both pens were especially designed with hunting and outdoor enthusiasts in mind,” said Fisher Space Pen Co. President, Cary Fisher. “The pen caps on each consist of raw brass without any finish, just like a bullet. This allows each to have its own unique look. Over time, oxidation will cause a nice patina to develop.”

All Fisher Space Pens, including the .375 Cartridge Space Pen and .338 Cartridge Space Pen, feature pressurized cartridges containing Fisher’ thixotropic, visco-elastic black ink that allows users to write underwater, upside down (at any angle), in extreme temperatures and over grease. Lasting three times longer than average ballpoint pens, all are precision assembled, hand-tested and carry a lifetime guarantee.

There are three versions of the .375 Cartridge Space Pen, ranging in price from $25 to $31, depending on optional adornments such as a gold clip or an American flag. The .338 Cartridge Space Pen is also available with an American flag and costs between $34 and $40. All pens are available for purchase on the Fisher Space Pen Co. website:

About Fisher Space Pen
In 1965, Paul Fisher developed a ballpoint pen that could be used in the harshest of environments – microgravity, upside down, underwater, extreme temperatures and at high speed. Now, 40 years later, the Fisher Space Pen continues its proud history as one of the behind-the-scenes partners in the U.S. space program.

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Gregg Weber

I don't think you could get it past airport security. They might not just take it away; but also might arrest and take you away for faking real ammo and getting them all excited enough to overreact and start yelling at you to drop to the floor.