Hawk Cartridges Reloading Manual

Hawk Cartridges Reloading Manual

Z-Hat Custom Inc
Z-Hat Custom Inc

Kalispell, MT –-(Ammoland.com)- Fred Zeglin, gunsmith/author of “Wildcat Cartridges, Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design” and POMA member announced this week the first edition publication of the reloading manual for “Hawk Cartridges”.

Kalispell, MT (Z-Hat Custom Inc.) August 8, 2011, announcing the publication of the “Hawk Cartridges Manual”

Fred Zeglin stated, “When I started working with this line of wildcats in 1996 I never imagined it would lead to a book.

Collecting years of data and experiences into a manual has been a pleasure; I would hate to see all these works just sit in a file cabinet gathering dust.”

Hawk Cartridges Reloading Manual
Hawk Cartridges Reloading Manual

Hawk Cartridges are unusual in wildcat circles in that, correctly headstamped brass is available for them. In partnership with Z-Hat Custom Inc., Quality Cartridge of Hollywood, NJ manufactures the brass as well as custom loaded ammunition.

This hardback book contains 188 pages of stories, illustrations, anecdotes, instructions, and data. Each cartridge covered in the book includes a dimensioned drawing. Contributions from Wayne van Zwoll, Michael Petrov, Dick Williams and Mike Brady are included. Pressure tested data is included for the majority of the load data and all loads are real world tested in firearms. ISBN# 978-0983159803

History of Hawk Cartridges is presented. This collection of data includes new material and new cartridges that were not included in the earlier electronic version of the manual. The intention is to provide information that time has shown to be valuable to shooters of Hawk Cartridges and for cartridge collectors.

About Z-Hat Custom Inc.
Z-Hat is a custom gunsmithing company started by Fred Zeglin. (www.z-hat.com) Hunting rifles are a specialty for Z-Hat. They build rifles for clients on bolt, lever, and single shot actions. The development of Hawk cartridges led to specialty offering to clients like reloading dies, cartridge design/development services, and numerous wildcat cartridges outside the Hawk line-up.

Fred Zeglin has taught classes for the NRA Short Term Gunsmithing Schools in Colorado and Oklahoma. He was the production and general manager for McGowen Precision Barrels for a time. Fred is the technical advisor for 4D Reamer Rentals Ltd. as well.

For more information about the “Hawk Cartridge Manual” or other offerings at Z-Hat Custom Inc. Contact:

Z-Hat Custom Inc.
Fred Zeglin
432 E. Idaho St.
Suite C420
Kalispell, MT 59901
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Rob Chubb
Rob Chubb
3 years ago

Do you have ammo for 375 hawk