Legendary Hunter, Larry Weishuhn, Reaches New Heights on Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt This Week on Sportsman Channel

Legendary Hunter, Larry Weishuhn, Reaches New Heights on Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt

Larry's Brown Bear close up
Larry's Brown Bear close up
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –-(Ammoland.com)- There are brown bear’s and then there is the Alaskan bear Larry Weishuhn, host of A Hunter’s Life, harvested this week on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman.

Watch this can’t miss episode of A Hunter’s Life on Wednesday, August 31 at 10 p.m. EST.

Weishuhn and friend/guide, Wayne Woods, head to the coastal region of the Chugach Mountains of Alaska to search for some of the biggest brown bears in the area. After 10 days of hunting for a “big” brown bear, Weishuhn accomplished his hunting dream of taking a10-foot plus “squared” trophy brown bear.

The Alaskan brown bear hunt took time to develop, Weishuhn tells viewers during this episode. He and Woods set up their base camp in an area where there was a big herring spawn. After several days of glassing and stalking different sizes of bears, Weishuhn and Woods spotted “their bear” about 500 yards away. The team eventually moved to within 150 yards where Weishuhn waited patiently for his opportunity.

“I quickly set up my shooting sticks and waited for a decent angle and squeezed the trigger and hit him hard, said Larry Weishuhn, host, A Hunter’s Life. “The bear hardly shuttered as Wayne and I squeezed off two more shots. Moments later we found the bear and it took my breath away by its sheer size. I have finally accomplished taking a monstrous brown bear; it literally brought a tear to my eye.”

This unique Alaskan bear hunting episode of A Hunter’s Life was a long and exhaustive journey for Weishuhn and Woods and essentially involved hunting the bear to exclusion of others. The bear weighed an estimated 1100-1200 pounds and Boone & Crockett scored the bear’s skull at 28 2/8 inches. This could be a record, but the final score will have to wait until after the skull has dried.

For photos and the inside scoop from host, Larry Weishuhn, check out the Sportsman Blog: http://thesportsmanchannel.com/community/blog

To learn more about A Hunter’s Life, visit http://outfitterrating.com and http://larryweishuhntv.com

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jeff lyon

I don’t know who the Sportsman’s (?) Channel or Weishuhn is trying to impress with his hunting and hunting methods, I’ve watched him sit as a passenger with a Loaded gun in his lap, in a pick-up truck, hunting Whitetails in Missouri, his miserable attempts to hunt Whitetails with a handgun to this latest Nonsense in rich-guy hunts in Aftrica! So enough is enough! As Real Sportsmen will do, I continue to berate the Sportsmen’s Channel AND this phoney Hunter (?) Weishuhn. The work will get around quickly. Dump this phoney Sportsman(????)!!!!!!!