Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits a Symptom of “Only Ones’ NOT Support for Gun Rights

Political Elite with Concealed Carry Permits a Symptom of “Only Ones’ NOT Support for Gun Rights

National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––(Ammoland.com)- Word of gun owners’ victory at the Iowa Straw Poll is spreading.

Even one of America’s premier political news sites, Politico.com, has picked up the story about how National Association for Gun Rights members just like you toppled Tim Pawlenty’s Presidential campaign.

The article even noted my subsequent call for NAGR members to lobby Governor Rick Perry to return the National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Candidate Survey.

However, Politco.com writer Maggie Haberman missed the mark when she noted that Perry has a concealed carry permit by assuming he must be pro-gun because he has a concealed weapon permit.

Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Barbara Boxer (left),  seen here vilifying semi-automatic rifles with Dianne Feinstein, has a permit to carry.

The Washington, D.C. elites just don’t get it. They think that simply having a concealed weapon permit automatically makes any politician pro-gun.

Do you think California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer is pro-gun? No, I don’t think so, either.

But Barbara Boxer used her influence to secure an elusive concealed carry permit from California.

I can almost hear her trying to deceive gun owners… “Trust me, I have a permit.”

Or how about New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer?

Schumer himself is reported to possess a New York concealed handgun permit, and both U.S. Senators regularly employed armed guards for their personal protection.

Just because a politician recognizes that being armed makes THEM safer, doesn’t mean they support YOUR right to keep and bear arms. They think they’re different than you and me, that because of their title they’re entitled to MORE rights than we are.

The Second Amendment is about much more than just carrying concealed… or hunting… or sport shooting.

Your right to keep and bear arms is a bulwark against tyranny.

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer, one of the most anti-gun Senators in Washington D.C., obtained a permit to carry for self-defense.

That’s why the National Association for Gun Rights sends Presidential Candidate Surveys to politicians like Tim Pawlenty and Governor Rick Perry.

Gun owners MUST know where they stand on important issues like banning magazine or bans on certain types of semi-automatic rifles, or opposing the United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty gun-grab.

Please call Rick Perry’s campaign RIGHT NOW at (858) 483-4300 and demand that he return the National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Candidate Survey.

I hope you’ll also take a moment and re-read my article about how AmmoLand readers like you toppled Tim Pawlenty’s Presidential aspirations.

Please, don’t forget to call Governor Perry at (858) 483-4300 and demand that he return the National Association for Gun Rights Presidential Candidate Survey.

For liberty,
Dudley Brown

The National Association for Gun Rights is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. The National Association for Gun Rights’ mailing address is P.O 7002, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. They can be contacted toll-free at 1-877-405-4570. Its web address is www.NationalGunRights.org

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Treena I sincerely hope you do realize that the original malitia sometimes called minutemen were ordinary citizens. The Second Amendment was written to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government. Yes British rule of the Colonies was tyrannical. Many of us Law Abiding cidizens do practice at the range often up to three times a week when time allows. Sandy Hook was a False Flag later confirmed by the government to be a training drill. The government is constantly going after both The Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to remove any opposition to the Government. Look at what… Read more »


Wow the left is truely evil. We now need our guns to protect us from false flags. I still say cut the head off the snake. Get rid of CNN

Joe Smith

Treena needs a lesson in proper english. She’s misread the 2A.


Gee Treena I really did try and read your entire dissertation but my began to glaze over by the second paragraph. Unfortunately I have a very low threshold for blatantly ignorant people. What is a blatantly ignorant person you ask? Ignorant is when someone has no exposure to the facts and therefor makes their decisions based on ill concieved ideas. Blatantly ignorant is when someone has access to the truth and ignores it in favor of promoting their liberal agenda. You my dear fall into the category of blatantly Ignorant just as your dear Leader Barack Insane Obama and his… Read more »

Drew - USAF Ret

Treena – nice of you to remind me that ONE, people like you are not worth dying for while in uniform; Two, you cannot grasp the vision of the Founders to make sure that we can resist oppression from our own government should it arise – and it can happen here, we're not exempt from history – but I bet you don't know your history either,. from the poor logic you present, so Three, you reaffirm my belief that not all the brood mares and breeding cows are safely herded on the government farm – just how in the hell… Read more »


Treena dont let all those big ole mean gun guys get you down.

You just keep spitting out all your stupid bullshit so everyone will be able to see just how stupid you libs are on the issue.

Then you should study some good ole American history and see just what the second amendment was put there for in the first place.

Then you might come back here and thank some of these people that are helping to keep this great nation together.


My, my, my! Treena, bless your heart! First of all 911 has it purpose. Correct me fellow posters if I am incorrect, but I read that in Aura Colorado theater shooting, 911 was call from patrons not only in the line of fire, but from adjoining theaters. 911 was also called from the school in recent shooting. How did that work out? When the shooting starts it is too late for 911. Now, Ms. Treena on another point in your writing, you ask us to fight for something important, one thing you mentioned was abortion. Do you have any clue… Read more »

M Griffin

Treena, I live in the Country, calling 911 may take 30 min to 1 hour to respond so what do I do? Having no guns leaves the door open for a Unjust Government to come in, having Guns 2nd Amen. gives pause,and we would not have a Country if the non law adiding citizen did not have guns because the Founders were not with King George and would have been shot if caught, think about that when you disarm any Citizen Law Abiding or not. I depend on my friends next door 20 acres away for assistance for 4 leg… Read more »


i do believe the elite will be armed ,the criminal's will be armed and the innocent law abiding citizen's will be defenseless.

J Scott

Treena – according to Planned Parenthood they kill over 300,000 innocent children via abortion each year, averaging over 900 per day!

Joe P.

Oh, and Treena? By the way, the second amendment has nothing to do with the military dear. It means that in times of crisis the people become the militia, because they have THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!


Oh and one more thing Treena. You are indeed an axx-hat. Please do us all a favor and keep up with your kardashian.

Joe P.

Treena. Wow. Have you ever read the the constitution, or the amendments? Owning guns IS A RIGHT! Just like you have the right to freedom of speech, or the right to vote. Furthermore, the founding fathers said that the second amendment is THE most important one because it guards all the others. Once you take away the second, it'll just be more to come. Apparently you don't mind giving up your freedom of speech, or right to vote, or any of the others. By the way, do you know that 10% of all 911 calls go unanswered? It takes at… Read more »


Treena, thank you for revealing what a true buffoon you are. If I can ask you to read a court case: Warren vs District of Columbia, then maybe it will change your views. It will contain a lot of words, a lot of big words but I ask that you keep a dictionary and thesaurus next to you while you read.


"The 2nd Amendment wasn’t even abotu “gun right.” It was about arming the military."

@Treena, you have obviously never read the Bill of Rights. Enough said.


I didn't see any mention of this, but I may have missed it. Here it is and apologies if I'm wasting time by reposting old news.

"Death by "Gun Control"


Treena, it is people like you that help the anti-American politicians puss their freedom killing BS. Look up past articles in the LSM that talks about Boxer having a CC permit. You have drank the Kool Aid and not done any research on how wonderfully gun control has worked in other countries. Look at crime statistics in England and Australia for a start. Research crime in right to carry states vs anti-gun, blue, states. Murder capitals Chicago and DC, who controls them, Dems. Where the most sever gun laws are in effect we have shooting galleries for nutcases that should… Read more »

Raymond C. Faye

Everyone is starting to understand.


Treena, you are left wing lunatic and a hypocrite. You support abortion, but that is just murdering babies a few years before those ones in Conn. You are the black hole of stupidity. You want same sex marriage, but call conservatives "teabaggers" which is a reference to a perverse homosexual practice. You disgust me.


Oh, Treena, you're such a whore.

See, I can make baseless accusations, too. You skank.

Arlene Kruse

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." ~ Thomas Jefferson Major General: Why Are Domestic Government Agencies … to shoot whom? http://www.washingtonsblog.com › Politics / World NewsAug 20, 2012 – Hollow point bullets don't just stop or hurt people, they penetrate the … In March DHS ordered 750 million rounds of hollow… Read more »

Bring it

There will be total gun control in the end. The second Amendment will be defined differently. There will be an assault weapons/HiCap magazine ban. There will be no grandfathering weapons in. There will be government buy backs, amnesty periods, etc etc but there will be NO exceptions. Last Friday America died. You will conform to the new order of obedience. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

Robert Duval


I agree but we live in a real world, and in this world there is the evil and you or none cam stop these evil , tink about


@Treena…who are you to define my rights of self-defense? Why do you believe the government should do so as well? Do you not find it ironic that a majority of the politicians employ bodyguards or are allowed Secret Service protection yet they do not want us to have the ability to protect OUR families? I certainly do. Your pathetic sheeple bleating is yet another problem with the direction of this country. Pushing YOUR beliefs upon the rest of us without thinking about the consequences of your actions. Continue to do so and watch the government take each and every personal… Read more »


Treena, I have had the proper instruction since about the age of 4 and am quite skilled and proficient with any weapon of my choice be it a hand gun, long rifle, or compound bow. I can hit my target at distances that would make any sniper proud. I am also quite skilled with a knife as my husband and teenage boys will tell you after watching me properly instruct them in proper field dressing of wild game. It is your choice to not own a firearm, but it is my choice to protect me and my family and if… Read more »


@ Treena – Well, I'd agree with ONE thing. With your angrily emotional, ill-tempered, ill-worded, ill-thought out, uneducated, uninformed, blatantly erroneous, and patently false response, YOU (Treena) have no business with a gun, touching a gun, looking at a gun, or even discussing guns.

But, the response DID prove one thing: The clueless, far-left whack-jobs are EVERYWHERE, even on this webpage.


The reason guns are outlawed by politicians in Boston, Washington, New York is because their lives and frustrations in the society that they have built are so intense, their tempers are so strained, that they KNOW if they had a gun on them they would be murderers!

It is like the person most suspicious of infidelity or of being stolen from is the person most likely to be cheating or stealing. The response time of 911 is about 24-45 minutes depending on where you live. The response time of my 1911 clone is about 1150 feet per second.


@Treena. <> These are not rights. These are wants. Who do you think should pay for your birth control? A retired farmer's widow? I do know believe you know what is defined as a right. A true God given right is: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing in this statement is given by a government or anyone. You are born with these right. You want birth control, heath care, housing and food, get educated and fine a job.

It is I only

Listen you all. Treena is just being cheeky with her comment!

She does say she trust a politician, with this statement just prove cheekyness toward you all!

214 INF

hey trinna where was 911 the past few days. police cant be there for you every minute of the day. To say we should disarm ourselves is the dumbest argument ever. Im sorry if a guy break in it will take the police minutes to get to my house. yet it will take the perp less then a minute to clear my house. Ill just meet him at the door with my mossberg and he can either run away or ill use my right to stand my ground.

heiderose ziegler

Treena, I did not read after "politicians being good, honest and moral". Anything else you might have to say has no value. You are obviously clueless! Have a good life!

Justin Thought

@treena: If you prefer not to own a firearm, please, please, do not buy one.

But if I see you being attacked or harassed by criminals, I will be happy to utilize mine as necessary to protect you. In most cases, criminals lose their bravado when they see there will be consequences for their actions. Don't try to take away MY right to help you out.

Mr. Jonz

Call 911. Hahahahahahahahah. Why, so 20 minutes after you've taken your last breath they can call the meat wagon?


@treena You have obviously never been around guns or responsible people with guns. There are many law abiding citizens that hunt and enjoy being outdoors with their children.To deprive them of this would be selfish and uncalled for. Try attacking the real problem,

Guns and God have been apart of our history since the birth of our country. One has taken second stage in priority list,it does not work when you have "gun" control. What we need is "God" control back in our schools.


My sister has a more masculine stance firing a gun than Schumer

Chris Garvey


Dianne Feinstein shouts loudly, in the anti-gun debate;

But Dianne F. is known to carry her own thirty-eight.

Though banning guns, The New York Times advocates with great fervor,

A rare New York full-carry permits its own Punch Sulzburger.

So if I may, their words re-say,

In light of what they do:

"Guns are OK,

for nobles – they;

But not for serfs like you."

Copr. 1998 Chris Garvey


Treena,you're still fighting mental health ?


Yep,Teena is definitely ate up with the dumbass !

Jack Klompus

Thanks Treena for displaying what a colossal idiot you are.

Bring it

Treena (probably not a real person) trusts police? Are you kidding me? I called the Sheriffs Office here in my county just the other day. Response?? "We'll be there right away". 48 minutes went by and there they were slowly approaching my residence. The shooter in Conneticut took much less time. No thank you, I will defend myself.


Treena,is just typical liberal who thinks obama is a patriot ? obama wasn't even born in America ! If push comes to shove,states will just implement their own gun laws and the DC gestapo won't be able to do a damn thing about it. Poor Treena,just a little brainwashed liberal who don't have a clue.


Oh, and Treena, please go read some history. Start with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot. You are embarrassing other women. Sheesh.


I would remind the gun-banners that every mass shooting we have had for a number of years all have one thing in common. They all have happened in GUN FREE ZONES.

yeshayahu yisrael

Treena, Having read your remarks. No disrespect intended but that is just plain unintelligent . You need to get your facts straight. Having grown up in Israel and serving 10years in Gaza,West Bank etc. We don't seem to have the same problems you do. See our teachers do carry, our children have at times armed escorts the people as a whole are very security conscious about what goes on around them. You should you desire to do so need not have a weapon. That's freedom of choice and that's wonderful. You just sit there and be a very nice victim.… Read more »


The Photo is of Diane Feinstein and not Barbara Boxer. Feinstein Does have a Permit to carry. She was on the Senate panel regarding the Assault weapons ban act in the early 90's. I remember her being called on out on the issue of her having a permit and her statement was basically…I am an important politician and there for I am smart enough to carry a gun unlike the average citizen.


What happened in Connecticut was truly tragic. But why would a teacher in Connecticut want to have weapons around (which her crazy son unfortunately used to kill her and then carry out his school massacre)? Could it have anything to do with the fact that Connecticut was ALSO the site of a horrendous multiple killing several years ago — the Cheshire murders of members of the Petit family? Perhaps Treena and other liberals who ascribe people's desire to have guns to immaturity or psychological issues have forgotten about that. To refresh everyone's memory, two low-life scum-barrel ex-cons (let out of… Read more »


Treena, please go back to sleep. In the 55 minute response time I waited for California Highway Patrol, and the additional 25 minutes for EMS, fire and rescue to arrive…an entire WAR COULD HAVE ALREADY PLAYED OUT. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CLUE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE TALKING. You libs need to realize that people like me are all around you. We live next door. We are right behind you in the grocery stores and Starbucks. I am a U.S. Marine. You want to talk about training? I SLEPT WITH MY FIREARM. Still do. Named it too. I care for… Read more »


Treena, you are so mis-informed. Please do yourself a favor, if you actually believe 911 will save you read the book "Dial 911 and die" by Richard W. Stevens and you will be shocked and it will hopefully open your ignorant eyes to the truth.


Treena, the guns are to protect us from an unreasonable government. Do not be so quick to assume government will be there to save you nor be a reasonable force when or if doing so.


Treena really thinks criminals will obey gun laws? You're some special kind of stupid arent you?


Treena bleets like the liberal sheep she is. She has no understanding what a right is or is not. Her laundry list is typical of the illiterate and ignorant amongst our society.

She thinks only police and military should have guns. It worked out quite well for hitler and the jews.

Treena, if you really loved america, you would at least spend 5 minutes on Google to disperse your fog of ignorance.