Today on The War on Guns – Notes from the Resistance Radio 08-11-11

Today on The War on Guns – Notes from the Resistance Radio 08-11-11

War on Guns – Notes from the Resistance
War on Guns – Notes from the Resistance

USA –-( Hosted by long-time magazine/Internet columnist and gun rights activist David Codrea , “The War on Guns” will give drive time radio listeners regular updates and analyses on pro gun stories of the day, using a mix of breaking headlines, commentary and interviews.

Interview guest: Ralph Mroz, firearms defense trainer

  • US Attorney Burke forum in Flagstaff
  • “Authorized Journalists” and “machine guns”
  • Iowa Republican sStraw Poll and gun owners
  • The Only Ones
  • More Only Ones
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Florida preemption
  • Melson visiting the troops
  • Gunwalkin’ with Vanderboegh

Join me at 7:00 am Pacific/10:00 am Eastern on NBC 1260 AM/96.1 FM, Scottsdale, or click “Listen Live.”

Archives are here. They’re posting by the week and replacing the show at each day’s link the evening of the broadcast date. Also note encores are being rebroadcast on Saturday.

Spread the word on this, OK? Nobody else is doing a daily exclusive gun rights broadcast in a major market during morning drive time, and if this works, it could not only create an opportunity to spread to other markets, but also open doors for efforts by others.

We complain our voice is not heard in the media–here we’ve got a foot in the door at an NBC affiliate station to promote a full-blown no compromise message.

Just a few short months ago I certainly would never have predicted I’d see that happen–or that I’d be a part of it

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