ATF Open Letter To FFL’s Regarding Medical Marijuana

ATF Open Letter To FFL's Regarding Medical Marijuana

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Manasquan, NJ –-( The ATF has issued an open letter to all federal firearms licensees in response to inquiries regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes and its applicability to federal firearms laws, specifically Form 4473.

The letter address if holders of state cards allowing their possession and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes need to answer yes if they are addicted to or an unlawful user of marijuana.

Answer is YES!

Read the letter below.

ATF Open Letter to FFL's Regarding Medical Marijuana

  • 5 thoughts on “ATF Open Letter To FFL’s Regarding Medical Marijuana

    1. If you want medical marijuana to stop disquailifying fiream sales , concealed carry licenses , all that needs to done is change marijuana from a schedule I to Schedule II or lower drug. As a schedule II it would no longer be illegal drug. It would be a prescription drug.
      People without prescriptions would still be disqualified since they would be unlawful user . Medical marijuana would need to be like aspirin to allow non prescription users to qualify.
      Alaska just decriminalized marijuana , and I see people everyday smoking and driving , plus robberies and shootings are up . Mostly dealers robbing growers and demanding extortion money .
      Do firearms and marijuana belong together legally remains doubtful , here in Alaska it is firearms misconduct to possess a firearm while under the influence . Driving while high is same as dui , add a firearm in the vehicle , they add a charge firearm misconduct.

    2. No, I don’t think so. If the question is if purchasers are ADDICTED or UNLAWFULLY using marijuana, that is a question the purchaser has to apply to his own individual case. Just being prescribed marijuana for medical use does not indicate addiction, and it’s obviously lawful. So if there is no addiction, the answer is NO, regardless what the unconstitutional jack-booted criminal thugs say.

    3. What’s going on in MIchigan concerning this:
      I know people that have their Medical Marijuana Cards that went to renew their concealed permit that were denied because of this letter. I say letter because it is not a LAW, just a letter, but it is being followed at least in Michigan. It is taking away peoples gun rights one person at a time. If you are honest and on the back of the application/renewal form say yes to the drug question, you will be denied. If you say no, you could be guilty of a felony by falsifying a federal forms info about you. Either way you are screwed. Groups that are outraged by this should try to do something to stop this. You could lose your rights next.

    4. So the ATF is leery about sick people cutting into their own turf..

      I mean our government wages war on sick people, tells them they have no rights to self protection, and then they run guns down to Mexico to the drug lords and on the tax payers dollar to boot.

      At what point do people even adamantly opposed to cannabis, realize the Federal Government is doing more harm with drugs and guns than any 60 yr old cannabis eater who has owned the same gun for longer than this president has been alive like me.

      I’ve never even had a parking ticket in my life.. I’m sick.. really sick.. I eat cannabis to help maintain.. my Government deems me a criminal now and denies my right to protection… all the while they are in big pharmas pockets and doing more gun running than anyone in the nation,.. \

      At what point does the Fed look ‘inward’ and realize they are doing all this damage and trying to obfuscate the problems by bringing attention to some sick old guy like me and telling the nation I am the bad guy and they are here to protect others from ME.. all while running drugs and guns down to Mexico themselves.. this is real.. it is happening.. the hypocrisy is astounding.. and the freedom loving flag waving gun owning types sure seem to be rolling over and taking this well.. with no realization they will be next.. if this flys and people go ‘oh yes, medical cannabis users should not be granted such rights’ they will then go after drinkers, then people with pickup trucks.. sky is the limit for them if you let them get their nose under this flap of the tent.

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