Brownells Training Group Long Range Instructor Wins 2011 Survival Trial

Brownells Training Group Long Range Instructor Wins 2011 Survival Trial

Cody Carroll and Aaron Riccio
Cody Carroll (right) and Aaron Riccio work on getting the fire started on their way to winning the 2011 Survival Trial.

Des Moines, Iowa – -( Brownells Training Instructor Cody Carroll and partner Aaron Riccio won the recent Professional Marksman, Inc., 2011 Survival Trial held at the NRA’s Whitington Center on September 10th and 11th, 2011.

It was the first event of its kind, combining survival challenges, shooting scenarios, land navigation and physical obstacles rolled into an adventure race of epic proportions and covering almost the entire mountainous back country of the NRA’s Whittington Center.

Competitors were required to carry a specific gear list in a pack in addition to their rifle and pistol for the duration of the course.

According to Carroll, “My pack weighed 53 lbs without food or water and Aaron’s was probably a little heavier. When it was over, we had covered 42.6 miles in 22 hours and completed all of the required events.”

Brownells Training Group Director Duane Liptak told us, “One of the many reasons we chose Cody was because he’s constantly testing his shooting skills and field craft at the limits of human endurance. That experience helps him do a superb job of teaching performance under stress and in adverse conditions to students attending one of our courses.”

Event coverage will be shown on the Outdoor Channel. For more information on Professional Marksman, Inc. go to . For more on the Survival Trial, check .

2011 Survival Trial Winners
L to R, John Weiler, President of Professional Marksman; Cody Carroll, Aaron Riccio, and Wayne Armaceost, Executive Director of NRA’s Whitington Center celebrate Carroll and Riccio’s winning the 2011 Survival Trial.

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