CrossBreed Holsters Endorses New Recycling Product

CrossBreed Holsters Endorses New Recycling Product

CrossBreed Holsters

Republic, MO –-( Top quality holster manufacturer CrossBreed Holsters, LLC is proud to endorse Line Cycle Fishing, LLC.

Ryan Kneedler of Springfield, MO developed the concept behind Line Cycle Fishing because of his passion for the sport of fishing.

Line Cycle Fishing offers a product that attaches to any boat where fishermen can discard used or extra monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing line. Once filled, the used fishing line is sent to Missouri Plastics, exclusive partner of Line Cycle Fishing, where the line gets recycled and reused to make brand new products.

The purpose behind this concept is to protect and preserve the waterways where fishermen enjoy their sport. Fish, mammals, birds and reptiles are all in danger of becoming tangled in the strong, nearly invisible fishing line discarded into the waterways. Line Cycle Fishing wants to eliminate that danger. By recycling used fishing line, fishermen are keeping the line from polluting these habitats and posing danger to the wildlife found there.

“CrossBreed is founded on solid moral and business principles,” says Mark Craighead, President of CrossBreed.

“So naturally, when we recognize the effort of someone striking out on their own, and also trying to do the right thing, we lend our support. My friend Ryan has an idea for a great product; he’s starting his own business, and he’s doing it to make a difference. We are glad to stand behind him.”

Line Cycle Fishing offers online ordering for their 100% USA made recycling product. For more information visit

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