Feeling Like Fall is About to Bust Wide Open

Feeling Like Fall is About to Bust Wide Open

Buddy and Scott
Buddy and Scott making Plans for Fall Hunting

Bend, OR –-(Ammoland.com)- Ice on the dog’s water bowls, frost on the grass this morning. Fall is about here, and with it, the magic begins.

I don’t know about you or your dogs, but around here, we are overdue for some fresh bird scent.

Can you feel it? Smell it? That’s hunting season on the horizon and I hope you’re farther ahead than I am on training, assembling gear, and finding the topo maps.

At least we’ve got a good set of new Wingshooting USA episodes to share, starting the week of Sept. 26. So even when you can’t get out yourself, you can plop down on the couch with your dogs and watch us.

The freezer is empty here, time to stock up on free-range, sustainable and organic protein in the form of hard-flying pheasants, chukars and all those other critters that populate the Upland Nation. Good hunting!

This fall’s shows …
This fall’s episodes of Wingshooting USA will be the most diverse, exciting shows ever. We really put the miles on my old van (another good reason to sell it a few weeks ago!), traveling from Idaho, to South Dakota, Montana, Georgia, California, Oregon, North Dakota, and probably a few more I can’t remember!

New episodes start the week of September 26 on five television networks!

You’ll see some rare species (prairie chickens, sharptails) and some interesting hunting methods (horseback, jeep). Tons of old favorites, plus the television debut of Buddy’s grand-nephew Manny. There’s a chance to win a trip to hunt with us on horseback next fall, tons of tips and advice, majestic scenery, and all the antics of dogs-hunters-horses-camera guys and the trouble they get into. Get all the details here.

See you in the uplands,

Scott Linden, creator & host
Wingshooting USA

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