Freedom, Dignity n Liberty, Thats Crazy Talk

Freedom, Dignity n Liberty, That Is Crazy Talk

Second Amendment Patriots

Indianapolis, IN –-( I don’t know how the brave souls who set out to establish a nation that would have so much liberty and freedom could have kept the momentum up during the Revolutionary War to see it through to the end, but they did.

I’m sure they had plenty of folks who were not all that interested in establishing this Country and its marvelous standards. I guess over the years those who know the meaning and importance of freedom and personal protection were able to pass that knowledge on to the next generations, but somewhere along the line there was a disconnect.

We have an entire society today, that stands in line waving their hands in the air asking for someone in authority to relieve them of their dignity, liberty and any and all personal rights.

All that’s required in exchange is just a feel good promise that they’ll be kept safe and protected, no guarantee or warranty necessary. Just a nice friendly smile and a fuzzy wuzzy presentation on why we need to give away our protections because bad people do bad things and presto everything will be hunky dory.

I’ve been in the presence of people who I just described. Why wouldn’t they be willing to give up their personal freedoms, they’ve never lived without them so they can’t appreciate what it is they have until it’s gone.

I’ve traveled the world and I’ve experienced the terror in a war zone and I’ve seen how people cope with life in countries that only wish they had what we have in the USA.

Our threat of losing a little bit here and a little be there every day is more than a threat, it’s a reality. Sometimes it manifests itself in such an insidious manner that many could never understand why a freedom seeking person would ever object to what is presented to be in our best interest.

Some claim they are concerned what their children will inherit. Really? That’s curious, because some of those very people are the ones who are packaging a freedom-less future for their children and its all wrapped in a “keep you safe and secure” ribbons and bows gift box.

This letter is not a form of venting, it’s just a personal observation. Lastly, I want to remind everyone again that our next 2nd Amendment Patriot meeting will be Sept. 24th.

“Loss of freedom seldom happens overnight. Oppression doesn’t stand on the doorstep with toothbrush moustache and swastika armband — it creeps up insidiously… step by step, and all of a sudden the unfortunate citizen realizes that it is gone.”
Lane, Baron

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

The Second Amendment Patriots are a local group of citizens dedicated to preserving the rights, freedoms, and civil liberties of every American by educating the American public of the founding and history of this country and its founding fathers by explaining the role, functions and purpose of the U.S. Government; and by teaching the need and importance of an armed American public, in order to allow for a more prosperous and respectful country consisting of American citizens with a pledge of allegiance to their country and who will at the same time, voice their demand to take back the present overwhelming power of the U.S. Government and deliver it into the hands of the people to which it belongs. Visit: