Gear Court: Shelley Rae Votes ‘Aye’ for Altamas from the ‘Boot Campaign’

Shelley Rae Reviews Altamas from the Boot Campaign

Women’s Outdoor News
Women’s Outdoor News

Rolla, MO –-( A couple of our local ranges have been nicknamed “mud pits” for what the ground becomes in the rainy Seattle winter.

While my trail runners work well for shooting USPSA in the summer, having a pair of “Give Back” boots from the Boot Campaign saves me much grief during the colder months.

The Boot Campaign is run by five Texan women; a portion of every pair of boots purchased is donated to a variety of charities that support veterans. Not only do I have an excellent pair of Desert Tan ALTAMA boots [$129.99], but I was able to support veterans and a strong group of women who have dedicated themselves to an excellent cause.The boots are warm and water resistant. Even diving through the mud at the local ranges, I find that these boots have never failed to keep my feet warm and dry. The mil spec Vibram sole has proven to have excellent traction in mud and dirt alike. The boots are light enough for quick movement and provide enough support to be used all day on hard ground.

Shelley Rae in her Altamas. Photo by Caleb Giddings, Gun Nuts Media.

I’ve used my Boot Campaign “Give Back” boots in practical pistol shoots, where even in the mud they have provided the traction necessary while still allowing me to move quickly through the course of fire.  They have also served me well on back country hiking and horseback riding trips – where they have been put through their paces and held up to some of the most extreme conditions: everything from snow to desert sun.

In fact, the only complaint I have for the “Give Back” boots is that the break-in period was far from pleasant. When the boots first arrived, I had to wear them for a couple weeks before they ceased to be painful on my feet. While this is normal for combat boots, it’s not a lot of fun, and is something any purchaser should be prepared to go through.

The versatility of these boots through different conditions is almost as impressive as their day-long comfort.  There are not many shoes I can wear in a day of work at West Coast Armory that can withstand the several miles of walking across cement and send me home with happy feet.

The “Give Back” boots have made the short list of footwear I’m willing to suffer through the workday with, and for over a year these boots have served me well as work boots, play boots and any activities in between.

If you’re looking for good pair of boots that can handle a wide variety of conditions (and care to donate to a good cause during the course of your purchase) you can find my ALTAMAs along with variety of other boots for sale at the Boot Campaign’s website.

Shelley Rae is Editor at Large at Gun Nuts Media.

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