HIPERTOUCH AR15 Drop In Triggers

HIPERTOUCH AR15 Drop In Triggers

Minnesota –-(Ammoland.com)- HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC, dba HIPERFIRE, a Minnesota limited liability company, introduces HIPERTOUCH, a U.S. Patent Pending, fire-control drop-in for MIL-spec, “AR15,” type, lower receivers that employ .154-inch, diameter, pivot pins.

HIPERTOUCH features exceptionally, low, user-adjustable, trigger pulls of two-four pounds (in ½ pound increments), creep that is as smooth-as-glass, a very, clean, hammer release with no glass-rod-break, 25% – 50% faster, hammer lock-up, and “Designated Marksman (DM),” set-up capabilities that can significantly improve shot timing, control, and placement.

The match-trigger drop-in installs in lowers without the need to remove the safety/selector. MIL-spec lowers require no modification.

Trigger pulls of 2-3 lbs. that includes the “Designated Marksman” set up is intended for hunters, law enforcement, and MIL-class marksmen. The 3-4 lb. set range is intended for practical, shooting competitors.

More descriptive information about HIPERTOUCH and four, detailed, informational videos covering installation, operation, and “Designated Marksman” set ups can be found at www.hiperfire.com.

The first, HIPERTOUCH, production lot is scheduled for completion in December, 2011. Currently, the drop-in can be ordered for $225/ea. Once production has caught up with initial orders, the price will be increased.

For more information contact: HIGH PERFORMANCE FIREARMS LLC, Dept. ALN, 1724 4th St., #104, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 or www.hiperfire.com.