Miculek Retains 3-Gun Nation Top Lady Spot

Miculek Retains 3-Gun Nation Top Lady Spot
Harris Overtakes Reese for Second Place
By Chad Adams

Tasha Hanish (l.) and Dianna Liedorff. (photo by Yamil Sued)
The final slot in the 3-Gun Nation Lady Shoot-Off could come down to teammates Tasha Hanish (l.) and Dianna Liedorff. (photo by Yamil Sued)
3-Gun Nation
3-Gun Nation

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- After eight of 10 events on the 2011 FNH USA 3-Gun Nation Tour, Presented by SureFire, Kay Miculek remains in the driver’s seat of the 3GN Ladies Standings, making her a lock for the 3GN Lady Shoot-Off in November and a shot at $5,000 from Cheaper Than Dirt!

Miculek’s score of 73.44 at the Adams Arms Ozark 3-Gun Championship raised her total 3GN points to 229.66, good enough for first in the Ladies, and 51st overall in the 3GN Standings.

Katie Harris recorded her best finish of the season, earning 68.2 points in Tactical Optics (or 68% of Daniel Horner’s division-winning time). The performance was good enough to bump Harris up the Lady Standings, as the junior shooter overtook SureFire’s Maggie Reese to claim the number two position. Reese, who injured her knee at Ozark, most likely has enough points secured to hang on to third, despite the injury.

Fourth place, and the final slot for the 3GN Lady Shoot-Off, is currently occupied by FN’s Dianna Liedorff (177.04). But a little more than a point away is teammate Tasha Hanish (175.86), and about 10 points back is Deb Cheek (167.11). Also notable is Annette Williamson’s two-match point total of 115.86. If she can match up one more to her pair, she figures to be in the mix in what will surely be a fight to the finish at November’s FNH USA Championships, where the final points will be tallied.

Then during the 3GN Championship, the top four Ladies will step to the Shoot-Off stage for the first all-lady Shoot-Off in 3-gun history, where one winner will take home the title, along with $5K.

Rank Name 3GN Qualified 1st Score 2nd Score 3rd Score Overall
1 Kay Miculek YES 81.94 74.28 73.44 229.66
2 Katie Harris YES 68.2 64.38 63.96 196.54
3 Maggie Reese YES 64.95 62.29 61.97 189.21
4 Dianna Liedorff YES 62.17 58.71 56.16 177.04
5 Tasha Hanish YES 61.47 57.69 56.7 175.86
6 Deb Cheek YES 61.32 53.55 52.24 167.11
7 Cheryl Fordyce YES 55.64 52.73 47.34 155.71
8 Denise Johnson YES 51.03 48.33 47.69 147.05
9 Sharon Griffin YES 45.4 50.54 48.68 144.62
10 Heidi Salman YES 49.6 45.95 45.77 141.32

For the full Lady standings, go to https://www.3gunnation.com/the_series/standings/l/ladies_standings.

Eds. Note: All competitors are encouraged to begin checking all of their scores immediately. Any scoring errors must be reported to 3GN prior to the beginning of the FNH USA 3-Gun Championships in November to be valid for the 3GN Championship, Lady Shoot-Off or Junior Shoot-Off.